If You Love Your Business But Hate Paperwork

Evernote everything

If you love your business, but hate paperwork, here’s the solution: Evernote everything.

Christopher Null’s article, How to run your business in Evernote | PCWorld, gets you started using Evernote:

“Finally, we come to Evernote’s marquee feature: Sharing. Everything you create in Evernote is automatically shared with your various installations of the software unless you specify otherwise when creating a notebook. (Note that you can’t change this behavior later.) By default Evernote synchronizes all installations of the software every 30 minutes;  or, you can press F9 to initiate a manual sync.”

By the way, Null’s article was published before the launch of Evernote Business. (I should mention that I have no connection with Evernote, other than being an enthusiastic user of the product…)

Share notebooks with everyone you work with

Shared Notebooks are the big secret of using Evernote to manage your business’s paperwork. Just scan a document, or snap an image of it on your phone, and add it to the appropriate notebook in Evernote. The people with whom you’ve shared the notebook will see, and be able to use the documents. You no longer need to email attachments, or mail them. The material stays in the notebook, so all your documents are easy to find, even years later. Evernote makes your PDFs and images searchable too, using OCR technology.

Start by creating a “tax time” notebook, and share it with your bookkeeper and accountant. Then create shared notebooks for your clients.

You don’t need to share everything. Most of your notebooks will be private, and no one gets to see them; they’re yours.

Add whatever you like to Evernote, whenever you like

Over the years, I’ve lost way too many important documents because backups failed. Everyone always says BACKUP! No one ever tells you that your backups can, and will sooner or later, fail. I keep multiple backups. However, since multiple backups can fail too — I once had three backups fail on me — I need more to be sure that my data is safe.

Therefore, ever since my last hard drive failure, in addition to multiple backups, I also keep everything that’s important to my business in Evernote. I write in Evernote, and create shared notebooks for clients with all my work for them. I archive a notebook once a project is complete.

If you love your business, but hate paperwork, Evernote can help.

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