WordPress Pizazz: Install a Great Free Theme in Under Two Minutes

Free WordPress themes

The above theme is SympalPress. It’s elegant, and you can install a “lite” version for free.

Want to add a little pizazz to your WordPress website? You can change your WordPress site into anything you like.

For example:

* An online store;

* A Tumblr-like visual feast;

* A magazine…

It’s up to you.

If you’re a new WordPress blogger, you can spend a month or two blogging, and then decide that your site doesn’t represent your business as it should. When that happens, it’s time to change your theme.

Should you buy a commercial theme?

That’s up to you of course, but if you’re a new WordPress user, consider getting someone to help you to install your commercial theme. Some of the commercial themes are frameworks, rather than themes. It can be disconcerting to install what you think is a theme, and you’re left with a blank site, because you need to design your new site within the framework.

Free themes — try different looks

Free themes have one special benefit over commercial themes. You can try as many themes as you like. It costs you nothing other than a few minutes to install a new theme. If you hate it, change back to your original, and try another one.

Here’s a page of 20 wonderful FREE WordPress themes.

Tip: before you install a new theme, make a list of what you like, and don’t like. For example, maybe you want a specific look for the home page, or you intend posting lots of images, or … If you know what you want, you can search for themes which meet your requirements.

How to install a new theme

Once you’ve decided on the style of website you want to create with your new theme, go to your WordPress Dashboard, and click the Appearance/ Themes link in the shortcut bar on the left, as in the image below.

Install Themes in WordPress

Then click the Install Themes tab.

You can search for themes by keyword, and you can filter them according to which options you want. Choose a color, the number of columns, and so on.

If you find a theme somewhere online which hasn’t been added to the WordPress.org theme repository, download the theme to your computer. Don’t open it. You’ll upload it to WordPress as a ZIP archive.

Once the theme is on your computer, click the Upload button — it’s in the top line on the Install Themes dialogue box, right under the tabs. Then click Activate, to activate your new theme.

You can change your WordPress website anytime you like, AND you can change it into anything you like. That’s the beauty of WordPress. Have fun customizing your site. :-)

Angela Booth is an Australian copywriter, Web writer and content strategist. Want your website to do more for your business? Contact Angela via email to set up a chat. She loves to talk about business and the Web.

Author: Angela Booth

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