Where’s the Lotus Agenda of 2013?

Lotus Agenda

Many thanks to Taking Note for the pic of Lotus Agenda, I treasure the memory

If you’re as old as I am, you’ll remember Lotus Agenda, the PERFECT (nothing since has come close to replacing it ) Personal Information Manager.

When I heard about Google Keep, Agenda sprang to mind.

I’m not the only one to remember Agenda. In The Atlantic, A Problem Google Has Created for Itself , James Fallows writes:

“Over the eons I’ve been a fan of, and sucker for, each latest automated system to ‘simplify’ and ‘bring order to’ my life. Very early on this led me to the beautiful-and-doomed Lotus Agenda for my DOS computers, and Actioneer for the early Palm. For the last few years Evernote has been my favorite, and I really like it. Still I always have the roving eye.

A slight pause here, while I sniffle in memory of Agenda for a few moments…


Thank you.

As James points out, however, you need to be wary of trusting Google Keep, considering Google’s treatment of Reader. (And Google Notebook before that.)

By the way, if you’re looking for a Google Reader replacement try Kippt, it will help you to sort out your news feeds.

So, where’s the Lotus Agenda replacement, 21 years on?

In brief, nowhere. Lotus Agenda users have been bemoaning its death for two decades. Yes, the program was that brilliant. It came with a couple of huge manuals; I read them diligently. Agenda was worth its weight in gold. In those days of CompuServe, you could automate data collection into Agenda with a couple of clicks.

Some diehard Lotus Agenda users still use the program. Bob Newell has a page of useful links. Before I made the switch back to Macs in 2005, I tried running Lotus Agenda in a DOS environment in Windows. Of course, it didn’t work. Agenda couldn’t interact with anything in Windows, so it defeated the purpose.

My hope is that somewhere there’s a genius developer who’s creating a Lotus Agenda replacement, and will soon launch it to a grateful world. It’s a dream, and we all need dreams.

Author: Angela Booth

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