Kippt, For Former Google Reader Users


If you’re a Google Reader user, as I am, you know that Google’s sunsetting this app. Groans of woe all around.

To rub salt into the wound, Google’s just released something it’s called Keep, an Evernote-style note-taking app. Google nuked its Notebook, a similar app, some years ago; releasing Keep is purely a way to dig its claws into Evernote.

Here’s what’s annoying. According to Best Reason to Not Use Google Keep: Google Reader:

I have been told that Google Reader had more active users than Google+ the week before it was killed. I can’t name my source but I trust them enough to repeat the claim.

Apparently Google+ had 343 million users in January. So if Google Reader has more users, there are a lot of us. We’re annoyed, and we’re looking for places to stash our stuff.

I’m not sure where I’ll stash my RSS feeds — I’ll probably go back to BlogLines — but I’ve come across a clever little bookmarking app which allows you to share your bookmarks, and collaborate with others too. I collect a lot of stuff each day, for client projects, as well as for my own projects. I was putting bookmarks into Evernote, but I’m trying to keep that for all my important material. Stashing ephemeral stuff in there just causes clutter.

Kippt: clever

Friends told me about Kippt.

From its home page:

With Kippt you can save links, read articles, watch videos, share notes and much more. Your collections can be private or public, or shared with the people you work with.

I’m using Kippt to collect URLs as I weed through Google Reader. I’ve got many hundreds of feeds, some of which I haven’t look at in years. I’m putting them into lists in Kippt. Then when I decide on a new news reader, I’ll just save and transfer the feeds I check often.

If you’re an ex-Google Reader user, check out Kippt.

Author: Angela Booth

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