Rethinking Content: Is Your Content “Snackable”?

vintage coke

Advertising as it used to be: vintage Coke ads.

Does image marketing confuse you? Me too.

Heidi Cohen has some excellent stats on her blog which show that visual content’s appealing to consumers. In this post, 5 Facts Prove Visual Content Is A Guaranteed Winner! | Heidi Cohen, she says:

“Visual content marketing is snackable. This is a critical factor for marketers looking to break through a cluttered content landscape. Easy and quick to consume information allows your target audience to get your message without risking being putting aside.  Actionable Marketing Tip: Use short visual content to feed on-the-go consumption.”

I love the concept of “snackable.”

Do you snack on content? I know I do. To catch up with the news, I used to read news websites. These days, I use Flipboard on my iPad to “snack” on the news of the day. Of course I read longer pieces too, from websites like the New Yorker. I spend more time snacking on, and reading content on the iPad than I do on my production machine, some days.

Create an image marketing strategy

It’s amazing how quickly you run out of images in image marketing. The solution of course is to get more. Don’t think in terms of hiring a professional photographer, get your staff to take photos as they go about their daily jobs. Yes — they can take images on their phones. :-) Your goal is not glitz and glamor, it’s realism. You’re letting your customers see your business behind the scenes.

I’m working with a client who’s just starting out on an image marketing journey. We discussed the kinds of images which would be effective. They send them to me, so that I can find themes, add captions, and upload them.

Tip: remember, as with all content, your image marketing needs goals.

Create specific goals, with targets, make the goals actionable, and then track them.

Author: Angela Booth

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