Creative Blogging: Nell Frizzell’s Celebrity Dress Ups


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Blogger Nell Frizzell scored an article in popular newspaper, Every day is a fancy dress party for wacky blogger who imitates celebrities including the Queen, Robert de Niro and Vivienne Westwood using normal household objects | Mail Online, with her celebrity dress up pics:

“The first ‘Goppeldanger’ came about when her boyfriend noticed how much her running t-shirt – which she got free from a builder’s yard – looked like an expensive t-shirt Lady Gaga had worn in the latest Supreme campaign. 

One T-shirt advertising building materials, an old pair of sunglasses with the lenses popped out and a smear of red lipstick later, Nell was transformed in to Lady Gaga’s doppelganger.”

In the image above, Nell dresses up like Byron.


In the above image, she’s Toulouse Lautrec.

Nell uses Tumblr, which is a simple blogging platform, and is well suited to images.

Author: Angela Booth

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