Working With Your iPad: iOS File Management That Just Works — Yippee!

Files app - iPad

If you’re a consultant, or other small business person who owns an iPad, you use it for work. You collect your files for meetings into apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, Evernote etc and you’re good to go.

However, this presents challenges. You never know quite which files you’ll need, and inevitably, you end up with files you can’t open, or files you know are somewhere on your iOS device, so you hunt for them. While all this is happening, you lose the thread of conversations. If you’re giving a presentation, your audience becomes distracted.

Enter Files App, the file management app which should have been part of iOS from the beginning.

Files App looks like iPages. You can see the app’s minimalist design in the above image.

It’s easy to get files into Files App, just press the Plus button, and choose Mac or PC. Files App opens in your default Web browser. Drag your files in, and they’re loaded onto your device immediately.

Files App supports MS Office files

Like it or not, you can’t get away from MS Office files in business. That’s just the way it is. Everyone exchanges Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. Viewing them on an iOS device tends to be frustrating.

Those days of teeth-grinding pain have gone, with Files App.

In Files App, your MS Office files look just as you’d expect them to look. You don’t need to do anything special to view them. Drag the files into the app in your Web browser, they’ll appear on your device, and you can view them.

Here’s an MS Word document I loaded into Files App, and opened.

MS Word document

Files App supports popular file formats, including ZIP archives.

From the Files App page on iTunes:

What you get with Files App:

● Read PDF and Office files.
● Lightning fast viewer for Photos & Videos.
● Listen to Music, complete with playlists, shuffle, artwork and Airplay.
● Drag & drop files from your Mac or PC right into Files App using your default web browser.
● Get files from Dropbox, Google Drive or Box.
● From AVI to ZIP: Support for many popular file formats.
● Organize your files using simple touch gestures.

Collect files into folders

Preparing for meetings just got easier. Drag your files into Files App in your Web browser, then collect them into a folder on Files App. No more searching in meetings — all your files are right where you need them.

Files App’s tagline is: “All your files. One simple app.”

Well said.

If you’re quick, you get this app at the intro price, which is 99 cents. Could be the best 99 cents you spend this year.

Author: Angela Booth

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