Blogging When You Have No Time To Blog

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No time to blog? Me neither. That’s why I just started a new blog.

If that sounds like a paradox, it is. How can someone who has NO time to blog — because I have too many blogs already — commit to yet another blog?

Several reasons, the primary one being image marketing — Tumblr blogs make it very easy to post and repost images.

Image marketing was the big news of 2012; it’s important going forward — I owe it to my clients to stay up to date, and to figure out how they can use image marketing.

I just started my new Tumblr blog last month, but I’ve learned a lot already, so I’m glad I did it. Some of what I’ve learned is the interaction of Twitter, Pinterest, and a Tumblr blog. I’m a long way from formulating any theories, let alone any strategies, but it’s fascinating.

Blogging when you have no time to blog

Here are some ideas on how to blog, when you have no time to blog.

1. Get interested

Relax, I’m not asking you to create another blog. However, consider this: maybe the reason you have “no time” to blog is because you’re not interested in blogging, even though you realize that a social media presence would do a lot for your business. My new Tumblr blog has reenergized my blogging in general.

It’s reenergized the blogging of a couple of my clients, too. Tumblr has a very nifty iPhone app. You can take photos, shoot videos — it makes the blogging experience painless. Click, post, done — blogging in seconds.

2. Start your posts wherever you are

I was in the bank yesterday, and the queue was out the door. Usually when you’re stuck like that — you know you’ve got a delay and there’s nothing you can do about it — you get stressed.

I just pulled out my phone and tapped away, brainstorming ideas for blog posts in Drafts. Then I chose one of the posts, and created an outline for it, in another Drafts document.


Drafts is the most-used writing app on my phone, and on my iPad, because you can write, and zoom your writing off to an email address, DropBox, Twitter, Evernote… almost anywhere you can think of. I usually send my draft blog posts straight to Evernote, so I can complete them later.

Although I spent 15 minutes in the queue, I got a lot done. By the time I hit a teller’s window, I was a little annoyed that I had to stop in the middle of writing a post.

All smartphones have notes apps. Use your notes app to start your blog posts anytime you have a spare minute or two. Not only will you be productive, you’ll also be a lot less stressed.

3. When you really have no time, blog on Twitter

Twitter can function just like a blog. If you truly have no time to blog, tweet. Sending a tweet takes seconds. Responding to tweets takes a little longer, but not that much longer.

You can blog, even when you have little to no time. If you want blogging help or advice, get in touch. I’m always happy to help.

Author: Angela Booth

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