New YOU: Looking Back, Looking Forward


I love this card… it’s a goal of mine, too…

We’re well into the New Year. How are you doing with your resolutions? So far, so good with mine.

Here’s something which helped me to bolster my determination to keep my resolutions. I spent half an hour looking through my 2012 notes in my Evernote account.

I go the idea from this post, Evernote Blog | Quick Tip Friday: 5 Ways to Accomplish Your New Year’s Resolutions with Evernote:

“Look back. Spend an afternoon looking back at the past year by browsing through your Evernote account. See what articles you wanted to read, review successful work projects (and ones you’d like to tackle in 2013), and recall great meals you had. Note things you wanted to accomplish but didn’t (like taking a vacation to Thailand or crocheting a scarf). Think about whether you’d like to do these things in the New Year and add them to your resolutions!”

Many of my notes are handwritten, on index cards or in journals. I snap them with Evernote’s camera. Looking at my handwriting lets me know how I was feeling at the time. If my writing’s small and elegant, I know I was feeling great. If it’s large and forceful I know I was annoyed, either with myself, or someone else.

That’s the beauty of handwritten notes — months and years later, you remember what you were feeling at the time.

What about you? Have you been looking back at 2012, and forward to 2013?

If you haven’t created any resolutions yet, create some. Work on your goals. Think about how you’ll feel this time next year… Will you be thrilled at what you accomplished in 2013?

Author: Angela Booth

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