Content Marketing in 2013: Guest Blogging Still Works

I’ve had some questions from writing students about guest blogging. Apparently the word in the online marketing community is that guest blogging is “no longer effective”.

That’s false.

Eric Ward makes good points in this post, Five Linking Myths That Need To Go Away In 2013:

“My dad used to tell me you are known by the company you keep, and this is true in the guest blog posting world as well. So, the way to use this tactic effectively is to think of it not as a mass shotgun approach, but a laser target approach.”

The point about guest blogging is promotion — get your name out there.

Get your name out there

As long as you choose popular and relevant blogs for your guest posts, what’s not to like? You get traffic, and links. It’s not a silver bullet, but then nothing is. :-)

I wish I had more time to devote to guest blogging; it just hasn’t happened this year. I hope I can squeeze more in next year, both for my clients, and for myself too. As regards guest blogging for myself, I’m like the cobblers’ children who go barefoot; I’m so busy doing stuff for others, there’s no time left over.

So, if you’ve been hearing people scoffing about guest blogging, ignore the nay-sayers. Get your material onto great blogs. :-)

Here’s an excellent post on Blogger Outreach from Blue Glass which will help you with your guest blogging pitches.

Author: Angela Booth

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