Content Marketing: Tell Me Why, What, And How, Then Tell Me Who and Where

Content marketing

I’ve been helping a couple of clients to create content marketing campaigns, but I had to sort out a mess first. They’d got into a tangle because they made it too complicated.

Every piece of content you create must have a goal, which is part of a content strategy.

Content marketing is simple as long as you know your goals, and what each piece of content is supposed to do: give pre-sales information, or sell.

As I said in this post, Copywriting: Why Should I Buy from You? | Angela Booth’s Creativity Factory:

“Before he buys, every customer goes through various stages. Firstly, he becomes aware that he has a painful situation. He may have acne, or be up to his ears in debt. She may be planning a wedding, or a couple may be looking for finance for their new home.

At this early stage, your customer needs informational copy. If you haven’t written material which helps the customer before he’s ready to buy, do that first. Give your early-stage customers all the information they need to buy from you.”

Pre-sales info: why, what and how

Informational copy, which aims to pre-sell, focuses on why, what, and how. When you’re creating this kind of content, aim to make it as evergreen as you can. Sometimes this isn’t possible, because you’re tying this content to a specific product, which you may not be selling in two years. However, keep “evergreen” in mind.

These days, with Google’s constant updates, forget trying to “rank” this kind of content. Be happy that you’re giving your prospective, and current customers, valuable information. Chances are that you’ll rank anyway.

Sales content: who and where

Sales content is written by your copywriter, and its aim is to sell, either directly, or indirectly. This is “who” and “where” content.

This kind of content can be subtle. It can tell a story. In Australia, AAMI’s “Rhonda” campaign tells a story, and subtly sells.

If you’re not familiar with “Rhonda”, here’s one of the ads.

Author: Angela Booth

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