Blogging Mothers: Chocolate, Kids and Yoga

Mother and baby

UK’s MailOnline columnist Liz Jones visited a “mummy blogger” convention organized by Mumsnet.

She’s shocked that women are making money blogging.

In her article, Free? You blogging mums may as well wear Burkas | Mail Online, she reports:

“It appears blogging has become the new home knitting, enabling an entire generation of women to leave the workplace for good, and to stay at home writing things like, and I quote, a ‘chocolate-obsessed, yoga-teaching Mummy and Wife’: ‘I do have opinions about everything and instead of just shouting at the telly thought I’d put them on here instead :o).’

These women post pictures of bars of chocolate. Seriously. One even posts pictures of cakes that she will bake for you on demand. “

She’s rather unkind. She closes her article with: “Women have again been duped into thinking the world exists in their tiny, safe, fragrant homes, that life revolves around burps. They might just as well don a burka, and shuffle, so narrow is their vision.”

Obviously, she’s never been a mother at home with kids. News flash: when you’re a mother, at home with her offspring, it’s hard to give a damn about world hunger or world peace. The only thing you’re interested is stuffing your family’s bellies with food and three-minutes of peace from your toddler.

I once had two sons under five, and I can confidently say that those were the most challenging years in my entire life. Guess how much writing I got done? From what I can recall, I wrote the occasional short story. If blogging had been around in those years (early 1970s), I would have cheerfully blogged about food, toddler tantrums and whatever else I was dealing with.

Raising children is thankless and time consuming. At the time I was doing it, no one scoffed at stay at home mothers. Every mother stayed at home. If she didn’t she copped hell from everyone. No one wanted women in the workplace on any level.

While everything has changed — women are now expected to work, as well as raise children, in reality nothing has changed. No matter what they choose, mothers make easy targets.

Ladies, you have my admiration. Good for you — blog about anything you like! :-)

Author: Angela Booth

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