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A business blog is a wonderful marketing tool, but when you’ve got a blog, you need content; on-going content.

Here’s a tip: PLAN your content. No matter whether you have an in-house blogger, or whether you hire a blogger, you need a plan to create your content. Without a plan, you won’t achieve your business’ goals via your blog.

Sunday Blog Planning — plan your content

I like to spend Sunday planning for the week ahead, and that means planning content, both for my own, and for others’ blogs.

Here’s an outline of my process, it may be useful to you.

1. Review the goals for the blog;

2. Check the blog’s traffic. What were the site’s visitors looking for?

3. Make a list of keywords, combining #1 and #2;

4. Brainstorm, using a mind map and Soovie;

5. Develop blog post titles;

6. Enter the titles into an editorial calendar. (I use WordPress Editorial Calendar on all my WordPress blogs.)

Depending on how much time I have, I might outline several blog posts.

Remembering your primary goals for your blog is key. In Web Content Mania: Track Your Content and Make It Work for You I said:

In a nutshell: these days, you can’t rely on Google to send you “traffic” because you have content. You need content, yes, but for your customers and business goals, NOT for the search engines. So, create goals before you create content, and then track your content, both so that you know what you have, and so that you can make it work for you.

Never forget your goals while blogging: it’s all too easy to do.

If you have a WordPress blog, and aren’t using WordPress Editorial Calendar, you’ll find this video helpful in planning your blog’s content…

Author: Angela Booth

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