Google Plus Isn’t Facebook


If you’re doubtful about social media, and hate Facebook, there’s an alternative: Google Plus, or Google+… (Google itself uses the term “Google+”).

Here’s an excellent article to get you up to speed on Google+, Guy Kawasaki and 10 Experts Chime in on the Value of Google Plus, and why you should use the network for your business:

“Google+ has tremendous potential for business and professionals because a) the links to Google search are very powerful and b) there are tons of useful networking opportunities there. Though still smaller than some other social networks, G+ is growing rapidly, and its attracting the best and the brightest, people who truly want to engage in more depth than they find elsewhere.”

I prefer Google+ to Facebook, which I rarely visit. However, Facebook may be perfect for you. Many brands are doing well there.

Tip: if your competitors are on a social network, and have been interacting with customers there for more than three months, you may want to get active there yourself.

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Author: Angela Booth

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