WordPress Shock: No More Blogrolls

No one pays much attention to their blogrolls; I know that on some of my blogs I haven’t looked at them in years. But they’re there. What would a blog be without a bogroll?

We’ll get a chance to find out, in the upcoming release of WordPress 3.5, the WordPress Link Manager panel is going, going, gone.

Don’t start screaming, all is not lost.

Lorelle points out in this post, Blogrolls Gone in WordPress. How to Save Your Links. « Lorelle on WordPress:

“Don’t fret. The WordPress Development team knows that many of you still rely upon your blogrolls. They’ve created the Link Manager WordPress Plugin, the official replacement for the original Links Manager in WordPress. This will restore the Links Manager once WordPress 3.5 removes it. Consider adding it first before updating to preserve your links, just in case.”

So if you have self-hosted WordPress blogs, that’s your first step, install the plugin in your current blogs, and in the blogs you create in the future.

That said, consider turning your blogrolls into menus, as this article suggests.

I can see one major problem with that, however — your theme. Depending on the theme you’re using, creating another menu may not be an option.

In that case, follow Lorelle’s suggestion, and create a separate “links” page. It’s not ideal, and Google frowns on linking just for SEO, so make sure that you’re linking to sites appropriately.

I admit I’m somewhat shell-shocked by the idea of WordPress without a Links panel. Why, oh why? :-)

We’ll all need to adjust.

Author: Angela Booth

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