Web Content Ideas: Write Who You Are

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I was chatting with a coaching student today. I asked her to create a couple of posts for her new blog. She responded that she didn’t know what to write about.

She’s creating a “name” blog in order to build her profile online, so basically it doesn’t matter what she writes. She can indulge herself because the entire blog is a writing sample.

I sent her the link to this blog post, Web Content: 5 Genius Tips to Make Writing Content Easy | Angela Booth’s Creativity Factory:

“Start by forgetting that you ‘can’t write.’ Just talk. Dictation software will turn your chats with yourself into Web content; the software is easy to learn. These voice-to-text programs have a 98 per cent accuracy.”

I wanted her to feel comfortable writing — that she could write anything she wanted to. So I asked her what she was interested in, aside from professional writing. It turns out that she has a sister who’s a sports psychologist. She loves sports too, and coaches at her kids’ school. Score! She’s got plenty to write about.

She also loves to cook. Well, I love to eat; I’m not as much interested in cooking, although I can turn out a very fancy meal when I need to. I’d never write a cooking/ food blog, however.

The idea of a food blog intrigued her. We brainstormed some ideas. She became enthusiastic. It had never occurred to her that she could write about anything that excited her. She had some excellent ideas for a sports nutrition blog, with recipes.

By the time we finished chatting, she had several pages of ideas for blog posts. She was looking forward to writing them.

Writing Web content is easy. Everyone knows a lot more than they think they do. The next time you’re stuck for ideas, brainstorm with someone, then write who you are.

Author: Angela Booth

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