Novel-Writing Challenge: Great Fun

Just Write a Book

Our 30-Day Novel Writing Challenge has officially ended. It was huge fun. I loved creating the mini lessons. The members had lots of questions, and wrote like demons.

It’s not too late. If you’d like to take the Challenge now, you can, Write a Novel In 30 Days: Free Mini Novel-Writing Course:

“Want to write a novel?

Perhaps you’ve already started, but find that working on your novel every day is more difficult than you expected.

Initially, our 30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge ran from August 1 to August 30 of 2012. If you missed out, start NOW.

You’ll learn to set goals. You’ll get into the novel-writing habit, and best of all, you’ll have lots of fun.”

Did you send us a message? Please be patient. We WILL answer. We just received way more questions than we expected. Please check the Just Write a Book Blog — you may find an answer there.

Members asked for more tips, so I’ll be posting novel-writing tips and news on that blog regularly. Enjoy. :-)

Author: Angela Booth

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