Procrastination Saves Time


Do you procrastinate? I used to be the queen of procrastination — once I realized that I was procrastinating, and not just “too busy to deal with that now”.

Recognizing that you’re procrastinating is a big achievement, as Recognizing when you procrastinate points out:

It is very difficult to say, “Next time I’m being distracted by Reddit I’ll refocus myself, review my goals, and work on what’s important.” This is because what’s causing you to procrastinate (impulsiveness, low-valued tasks, whatever) is often the very thing preventing you from using your head and realizing that you’re not doing what you should be doing in the first place!

Let’s say that you’ve realized that you’re procrastinating on a project, or a task. Now you can decide how to tackle it. As this article, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre Entrepreneurs | TechCrunch, suggests, you could:

“Try to figure out why you are procrastinating. Maybe you need to brainstorm more to improve an idea. Maybe the idea is no good as is. Maybe you need to delegate. Maybe you need to learn more. Maybe you don’t enjoy what you are doing. Maybe you don’t like the client whose project you were just working on. Maybe you need to take a break. There’s only so many seconds in a row you can think about something before you need to take time off and rejuvenate the creative muscles. This is not for everyone. Great people can storm right through. Steve Jobs never needed to take a break. But I do.”

On the other hand, maybe your procrastination is trying to tell you something. If you’ve been putting off something or other for a week, maybe you should keep putting if off, if that’s an option.

At times it’s not an option. If you’re late filing your taxes, or paying a bill, or you need to complete a project, just get it done, as quickly as you can.

On the hand hand, get comfortable with the fact that sometimes procrastinating makes sense, and is what you’re meant to be doing. Maybe you don’t need to do that task at all.

Procrastination saves time

Take a look at your task list. If you’ve been putting off a task, or a project, for more than five days in a row, cancel it, or put it on your “some day” list. Tasks which you think you should do, but don’t, drain your energy.

Cancel the task. If it’s important, you’ll discover that you do need to do it, because the need for you to do it will arise, and you’ll get it done, because it must be done, NOW.

So if you’re procrastinating, and know that you are, watch to see what happens. If you MUST do the task, it will become obvious and urgent.

Author: Angela Booth

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