Creating Presentations On Your iPad Is Fun


If you think creating presentations is a boring chore, I just created one for our novel-writing challenge in ten minutes. I created it on my iPad using an app. It was fun.

Here’s the presentation…

30-Day Novel-Writing Challenge

It took me most of the ten minutes to learn how the program, Haiku Deck, works. It’s a free app, and comes with five presentation themes. If you want more themes, you can purchase them in the app.

Creating a presentation couldn’t be simpler.

Here’s all you do:

* Hit the Plus (+) sign to create a slide
* Type some text
* Choose a background image
* Select a format for the text (where it appears on the slide)

After you’ve typed some text on a slide, press the image button. Haiku Deck finds Creative Commons images using your text as keywords. Not happy with the images? Just enter your own keyword, and related images appear.

The images load very fast. Pick an image, and the image is added to your slide.

You’re done!

It’s amazing. To add additional slides, keep hitting the Plus button.

You can use your own images

If you’ve already spent a couple of hours in Photoshop or Illustrator creating your own images, you can add those to your slides. Alternatively, you can snap a photo with your iPad’s camera and add the photo to your slide.

Haiku Deck is so much fun to use, you’ll wonder why you ever thought creating presentations was boring.

The app is new. I’m sure that a premium version with additional export options is in the works. I’d pay for it, for sure.

Here’s a video Robert Scoble did with the CEO of the company which created Haiku Deck.

Author: Angela Booth

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