The Google+ “Wasteland”: Promotable URLs, Finally


There’s currently a lot of discussion about Google+ being a “wasteland”.

Whether it’s a wasteland or not for you depends on how you use it. Follow enough people you like, and soon your feed is packed with material. I haven’t been using G+ long, but my feed has just enough material for me. I can dip into it, read a couple of stories, and go on with whatever it was I was doing.

More to the point, my G+ feed contains interesting content that I enjoy reading. Sadly, that’s rarely the case with Facebook. There, I need to go searching for a Facebook page I’ve heard about somewhere else.

Vanity URLs are coming on Google+ — FINALLY

Good news for you if you hate Google+’s horrible URLs — vanity URLs are coming: “Google’s social network announced today that vanity URLs for profiles and pages are on their way.”

You’d think that memorable and promotable URLs would have been built-in from the beginning, wouldn’t you. G+ is a social network, after all. Yes, I’m whining, but it’s justified. If Twitter’s been able to deliver decent URLs — from launch — what’s taking Google so long?

I’ve never promoted my Google profile page, because the URL is horrible: Only a robot could remember all those numbers.

If G+ had had promotable URLs from launch, the network might be growing faster than it is.

Thinking back however, Facebook had weird URLs initially too. Then vanity URLs arrived, which worked for a while, and then stopped working. Now vanity URLs seem to be automatically created on Facebook.

Hurry up with the URLs, please Google. If I could remember what my profile URL is, I could tell people about it.

Author: Angela Booth

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