Too Busy to Blog? Do a Two for One


Having a blog can feel as if you’ve always got homework. Your blog can generate lots of stress, and this means that you avoid blogging. You tell yourself you’re “too busy.”

If that sounds like you, this post, 13 Tips to Find Time to Blog | Heidi Cohen, shows you how to find time:

“Outline your blog article in advance. Don’t show up at the blank screen! Sketch out the major points you plan to cover in an article in advance. This helps to jump start your thinking because your brain can work on the idea while you’re doing other things.”

That’s excellent advice, and I follow it when I can. Usually however I just use my “two for one” strategy.

Here’s how it works.

Try the “two for one”

Whenever you finish a blog post, brainstorm outline another one. (Bonus points if you outline an additional TWO blog posts.)

Your newly outlined blog post may or may not be related to the post you just wrote.

The idea is to write when you’re already in flow. Writing is a mindset, and it can take 20 minutes for you to break through your initial inertia and start writing comfortably.

“Two for one” works really well if you create mind maps. I like to create mind maps before I write, either on my Mac, or on a sticky note. This keeps my focus if the phone rings, or someone wants my input on something immediately.

A mind map can not only inspire additional posts, it can function as a blogging calendar for you — just outline a weeks’ worth of posts on the map. BTW, my current favorite mind mapping application is NovaMind. I have no connection with the company, I just love colorful maps. :-)

Did I follow the “two for one” strategy with this post? You bet. I’ve just outlined a post on mind mapping…

I’ve copied the outline to Evernote, so that I can draft it on my iPad, while I’m cooking dinner.

Once you’ve written an outline and a draft of your blog post, writing and posting it online is easy, even if you have “no time” to blog.

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Author: Angela Booth

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