Danger, Danger, Here Comes Google

Google Penguin update
Penguin ready to peck

OK, everyone look busy, here comes Google with yet another update: Penguin… and with further updates to Panda.

If you’re feeling like a galley slave of old as you try to maintain your search engine visibility, I sympathize. From what I’ve heard, lots of others are feeling bruised and mistreated too.

So, what the heck is the Penguin Google algorithm update? Only Google knows. But something’s happening, and if your site has tanked, welcome to the dangerous world of the Googleized Web.

If you’re buying links, you may want to stop or reduce your activity for a while. Adjusting Your SEO Strategies During Panda & Penguin suggests focusing on content:

Because paid links are a little too risky for me right now, I’d recommend moving the majority of any paid link budgets over to the budget for content creation.

Far be it from ME to suggest otherwise; I’m a content creator after all. :-)

If you’re really into buying links, look at it this way: you can “buy” links when you create great content. Post your content on your own website(s), and/ or create content and offer it to others in return for a link.

Stop relying on Google

I’m sorry if you’ve been slapped in the latest round of updates. There’s nothing you can do but dust yourself off, and get to work to recover.

Make this a priority however: stop relying on Google. Yes, it’s easier said than done. But the benefits are huge.

There’s no need to allow Google to terrorize you. Look at it this way. Who’s your customer? It isn’t Google, although it may be, if you’re monetizing websites with AdSense – in that case, you’re on your own. But chances are that you have REAL customers.

Start catering to your customers. Use everything that Google provides, but take the focus off the search engines, and focus on the end result – your customers.

Focus on customers

Start by creating a mailing list if you haven’t done so already. If you’ve already got a list, focus on what you can provide to your customers via your list. Your mailing list can be the life blood of your business, so put your customers, and what you can for them via your list in the forefront of your mind.

Next, create more content, and repurpose that content. You can turn a page of Web content into social media snippets, a report, a YouTube video, a blog post… Get creative, while keeping the focus on your customers.

When you put the focus on your customers, you don’t need as much traffic. Indeed, if you have a decent mailing list, that list can provide all the traffic and sales you need.

There will always be Google updates. If you haven’t been slapped yet, congratulations. However, you may be slapped next time around, so don’t get too smug.

Slapped or not, focus on customers. Google will do what it does. You do what you do: run your business.

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Author: Angela Booth

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