Kindle Ebooks: Get Together with Other Authors

Rock It Reads
Rock It Reads

Publishing can be a lonely business. Self-publishing even more so. If you’re writing for the Kindle platform, going it alone is stressful. How do you promote your ebooks so that they’re found?

Consider getting together with other authors.

This article, Several authors form Rock*It Reads brand for self-pubbed romance, reports that several popular writers are striving to get heard above the self-pubbed noise:

By establishing Rock*It Reads, we’re giving readers an effective, streamlined way to find really great books. Our beautiful new website is a one-stop portal for finding our books and for keeping up to date on latest news and upcoming releases.

I’ve just visited Rock It Reads. The site looks good, and will be useful for fans.

Takeaway from this post

Love it or hate it, promotion is essential, whether you’re self-pubbed or not. You must help your readers to find you. Joining with other authors is one way.

Update September 26, 2013

I wrote this post well over a year ago; the website’s going strong. Kudos to them. :-)

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