Brand You: Be Memorable, Create Your Own Bio


Brand yourself: create your branding statement and bio today 

When I’m guiding new copywriters I’ve found that they have more difficulty with creating bios than with anything else. They can’t see their own worth.

This is probably why the branding services I offer, at Freelance Resume Copywriter | Executive Bio Writer | Professional Resumes, Biographies and Company Histories are so popular. I help you to:

“* Identify the major components of the brand called YOU

* Mould them into a value-statement, identifying the unique qualities you bring to any position (there’s only one YOU)

* Match your personal branding statement with a tagline, elevator pitch, your profile, your resume, cover letters and…”

Everyone needs someone to point out their achievements so that they can create an effective bio.

What’s a bio, and why do you need one?

Basically, a bio describes who you are, what you do, and what interests you. You should create several bios. Indeed, if you’re creating a proposal or are applying for a job, you need to create a bio tailored specifically for that purpose.

Your bio can be a mere 160 characters long if you’re creating a Twitter bio. The maximum length is around 200 words. These days, no one has the time to read a bio that’s an autobiography.

But why do you need a bio? Your bio is an introduction to you. It tells people why they should pay attention to you.

A bio tells people who you are. Online or offline, you need credibility. Whenever I visit a site that’s new to me, I check out the About page if I’m interested in what the site offers.

In essence your bio sells you. It’s the foundation of your brand.

What to do now: create a bio if you haven’t already done so. If you have, review your bio. Add your new achievements. If you’re active in social media, create a social media bio.

You can use your bio everywhere online. Offline, add your tagline to your business card, so that you’re memorable.

Grab the most salient points from your bio, and memorize them. Then you’ll be ready for the round of end-of-year parties, because you’ll have smooth answer whenever you’re asked: “What do you do?”

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Author: Angela Booth

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