Ebooks: The Biggest Secret In Info Product Creation

Want to write books and ebooks? And write them fast?

Here’s the biggest secret in info product creation: write what you know, and what you learn.

Yes, I know “write what you know” is a truism. The challenge with it, is deciding what you know.

Here’s how to do that.

Choose something you want to learn. Maybe you want to learn to bake a wedding cake and decorate it. Or maybe you want to learn how to lose ten pounds. Or you want to learn how to make money online.

Whatever you want to learn, others want to learn how to do it too. Those others make up an audience. That audience will be thrilled when you share what worked for you.

Here’s how writers think: to a writer, everything is material. Everything. At some level, writers are always thinking about ways to use their current experience. This can be disconcerting. For example, if you’re stopped by a cop for speeding and you’re a writer, part of you will be thinking: how can I use this?

Maybe the character in your novel gets stopped by a cop when he’s on the run… or a character is stopped by a cop and she can’t deliver the ransom money…

Alternatively, you could think about writing an article about traffic violations… or how to beat a speeding ticket.

All these “how can I use this” thoughts float through your mind as the cop writes up your ticket.

It’s not admirable, but that’s a writer’s mindset. Everything’s material…

So, get into the habit of documenting what you do. If you’re taking a class in cake decoration, take your notebook and camera into the kitchen. Make notes. Take photos.

Document everything — write everything down. If appropriate, take photos, shoot videos.

As I said in a recent forum post:

Once you start writing everything down:

* You’ll remember more of what you do;

* You’ll get more ideas;

* You’ll get inspired.

And you’ll create info products — you’ll create them in the process of living your life… write what you know, and what you learn.

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Author: Angela Booth

Copywriter Angela Booth's clients tell her she performs "word magic." Whether she's writing advertising materials, Web content, or ghostwriting for her clients, she's committed to helping them to achieve results, fast. Author of one of the first books about online business, Making The Internet Work For Your Business, Angela's written many business books which have been published by major publishers. She's an enthusiastic self-publisher and writing teacher.