Web Content: Write a Powerful About Page For Increased Traffic and Sales

What's on the About page of YOUR website?
What’s on the About page of YOUR website?

Your “About” page is the most powerful page on your website. Whenever a site visitor reaches your About page, he’s there for a reason. He’s interested in you. He may buy. Therefore, rather than ignoring your About page, make it powerful. Treat it as the valuable page which it is.

Your About Page Builds Credibility and Trust

Most businesses use their About page to give a potted version of the company history, or to do more selling. That’s not effective, nor is it appropriate.

Remember your visitor has arrived at your site for a reason. He’s accessing your About page because he’s serious. He wants to get acquainted. He’s wondering whether you can be trusted: he’s ready to trust you, but at this stage he doesn’t know you.

You can use your About page to build both credibility, and trust.

Here’s how to write a great About page.

1. Craft Your Positioning Statement First

Who’s your audience? You have a clearly defined audience for your product or service. You know these people, and you know how to speak to them.

Writing is talking, so if you haven’t created a positioning statement for your business, do that first. Your positioning statement ensures that you’re speaking to that segment of a market which is ready and willing to buy — once they trust you.

Crafting a positioning statement takes five minutes, and you must do it.

Take a sheet of paper, and briefly, write who your audience is, and how you help them. You should also include the ways in which you can’t help them. Once you’re clear in your own mind about this, draft your positioning statement in a few simple sentences.

Begin your statement with this phrase: “My perfect customer is…”

Although your positioning statement won’t appear anywhere on your website, it will inform every word on the site.

Think of your About page as an introduction to you, and to your business.

2. Imagine You’re Introducing Yourself to Someone

Imagine that you’re at a party. There are many people you don’t know.

When you’re introduced to someone, what do you say? You don’t blurt out a lengthy autobiography. You make small talk, and if you’re asked, you present a few salient points about yourself.

Your site’s visitors visit your About page because they want hear from you in your own voice: they want to become comfortable with you.

Create your About page as if you’re chatting with someone new.

Your About page needs to appeal to your audience and speak to their needs. So, it’s not all about you… you’re talking about yourself with the needs and desires of your visitors in mind.

Your aim is to connect with your site visitor; to help him to feel as if he knows you. If you connect with the visitor, he’ll remember you. Chances are that sooner or later he will buy from you.

I hope I’ve convinced you that your About page is the most important page on your website — and that you can write a powerful one.

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