Editorial Calendar WordPress Plugin Saves Time

Editorial Calendar WordPress Plugin
Editorial Calendar

If you’re looking for a WordPress plugin which saves time, consider Editorial Calendar. You can set up draft posts for weeks (even months) ahead, so that you and your team know exactly what you’ll publish, and when.

Before I started using this plugin, I keep my editorial calendar in a spreadsheet, but this meant that I had to be at that specific computer when I wanted to create some draft posts. With Editorial Calendar, I can create post titles and notes from any computer, even from my iPad.

Draft posts help you to write

For me, the biggest advantage of creating draft posts is that they eliminate the need to be “inspired”. Waiting for inspiration wastes time.

Over the years, I’ve developed a straightforward writing process which eliminates procrastination. The benefit of choosing blogging topics in advance is that you can research several topics when you have time, and you can research away from your primary work machine. I get into a “research” mind set most easily at the library; it’s become a Pavlovian response.

Tip: be aware of the scheduled date of posts in the Calendar

When you schedule posts with Editorial Calendar, those posts will be published at the time you choose.

That can have strange consequences if you haven’t changed the time to your local time in your blog’s Settings.

To avoid weirdness, change the time in your blog’s Settings, so that the Calendar uses your current local time. Then your posts will be published when you expect them to be.

Author: Angela Booth

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