Avoiding Email Craziness: I Love Gmail

I stopped using a computer-based email client around the same time I made the switch to Macs, and although I can now use MS Outlook on my Mac work machine, I’d rather eat glass.

Over the years, I’ve learned much more than I want to about Outlooks PST files. I’ll never forget the day a hard drive died and my backup PST file turned out to be corrupted.

Never again. With Gmail, I never need to think about backing anything up. It’s all there, forever. I also like the idea that I never need to run out of storage. Google lets you buy more.

Superb data management

Google’s superb data management is the reason that Gmail has become my preferred mail application.

Plus, in a nutshell: spam control and easy filtering of email messages.

Here’s a cute video video on Gmail and spam-fighting…

Filtering your email is essential if you get more than a couple of hundred messages a day, so Gmail has rules which you can tweak to your heart’s content. Never want to hear from a sender again? Easy. Add a rule which deletes their messages before you see them. Want newsletters sent to a “Read” folder? Easy. Add a filter to label them “Read”.

Yes, occasionally Gmail has little hiccups. But the sheer convenience of being able to read your email anywhere anytime more than makes up for that.

Life’s short. Gmail lets me avoid email craziness.

Something to try: if you’re on a Mac, check out Sparrow. It’s a cute little Gmail application that gets Gmail out of your browser while you’re working.

Author: Angela Booth

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