Turbo-charge Your WordPress Blog with Jetpack


I’ve got many blogs; most use the WordPress platform.

So I’m always looking at plugins which will not only add functionality a blog, but will also make the blog easier to use, and more efficient.

My latest finds include the Secure WordPress plugin, and Jetpack.

Jetpack has just launched:

“For launch we’ve brought eight of the most-requested features into Jetpack as one easy bundle: Hovercards, Stats, After the Deadline, Twitter widget, shortcodes, shortlinks, easy Facebook/Twitter/WordPress sharing buttons (Sharedaddy), and for our fellow math nerds, . We’re excited about this initial set of features, but we’re even more excited for what’s coming down the road.”

You’ll need a WordPress.com account to activate Jetpack (it’s free). If you don’t have a WordPress.com account, you’re given the opportunity to create one when you register the plugin. Connecting your blog to your WordPress.com account is necessary, so that you can access the features.

I’ve just started using this plugin — it’s excellent. You activate all the features and customizations from the Jetpack links in the sidebar of your Dashboard.

Author: Angela Booth

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