Copywriting: Be Guided By Your Branding Statement


Each year, I spend a considerable amount of time writing bios and branding statements for my clients.

I do it for myself too — I have a bio which I review twice a year.

I’ve found that these reviews are powerful, because they’re a great guidance mechanism. If you compare your branding statement with your past activities, it shows you where you’ve gone off course, and offers inspiration, too.

For example, I have an extremely short tagline, which is founded on my branding statement. It’s “Experience Counts.”

My tagline sums up my branding statement. It differentiates me from other copywriters, and it guides me too. It reminds me that while I may have 30 years of experience, that’s useless if it’s one year of experience repeated 30 times. I need to keep growing, keep stretching, and keep developing my skills.

This article sums up what a branding statement is and what it can do for you, Write a Brand Statement | Corporate Eye:

“A brand statement is more than a tagline.  It’s an expression of where the company is and a tool to guide the company in the future.  The brand statement is also the touchstone that every business decision should circle back to in order to ensure efforts don’t run counter to it.  For example, if a new product is under consideration, run it up against the brand statement to ensure it’s complementary.  In short, your brand statement can act as a consistency test to ensure your business efforts promote your brand rather than confusing consumers and hurting it.”

Have you written a branding statement? Do you review it?

If you haven’t, take the time to write a branding statement. Create a short tagline which sums up your branding statement. Remember that this statement is for YOU, as much as it is for marketing.

You’ll be amazed at how much your branding statement can do for you: it’s your touchstone for success.

Author: Angela Booth

Copywriter Angela Booth's clients tell her she performs "word magic." Whether she's writing advertising materials, Web content, or ghostwriting for her clients, she's committed to helping them to achieve results, fast. Author of one of the first books about online business, Making The Internet Work For Your Business, Angela's written many business books which have been published by major publishers. She's an enthusiastic self-publisher and writing teacher.