Your Website: How to Get Free Traffic


You’ve got a website. Whew — the hard work is over, right?

Sorry, but no. The work hasn’t even started. Now you need to get traffic.

The easiest way is to buy it. Buy traffic, and you get eyeballs, instantly. Of course there’s a catch, and it’s this: once you stop paying, the traffic stops.

I prefer to get free traffic to my sites and blogs. I’m cheap that way. :-) Of course, you and I know that there’s no such thing as a free lunch: you pay for everything, one way or another.

Nevertheless, “free” traffic has a huge benefit over paid traffic. It’s this: most free traffic keeps sending you traffic for years after you’ve paid for it with your time and energy.

“Free” may not be totally free, but it beats most paid traffic simply because of the longterm benefits.

Over the next few days, we’ll discuss getting free traffic by getting links from high-traffic sites, and the noble art of blogging.

We’ll discuss:

* Articles

* Blogging

* Document sharing

* Videos

* Blog commenting

Nothing new there?

Right, there isn’t.

But you’re reading this post for a reason: you want more traffic. Handle the above sources in the right way, and you’ll get that traffic.

So pay attention over the next few days. :-)

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Author: Angela Booth

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