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In these days of off-shoring help desks, some companies make it impossible for their customers to get in touch with a real human being. Social media tools like Twitter are a real boon for these companies.

For example, in the past few weeks I’ve had intermittent Internet connection problems. My cable modem seems fine, but some days my connection is slow for hours at a time, or vanishes completely. I’d be a lot more frustrated than I am if someone at my ISP didn’t respond to me via Twitter.

Customers want to be heard, and the social media tools ensure you can hear them.

Do you have someone monitoring the conversations on social media? You should.

As Real-Time Conversations Hasten Social CRM reports:

“… A brand can get damaged faster than ever nowadays.

The true shift represented by the social and real-time Web is not simply the ability to surface relevant conversations as they happen, it represents the opportunity to learn from public sentiment and create a more aware and adaptive organization that leads communities through action.”

Read the whole article: it shows you opportunities you may be missing.

UPDATE. Nothing much has changed since 2009. Use social media to help your customers. You’ll get their gratitude, and their loyalty.
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Author: Angela Booth

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