Web Content Made Easy: Discover Four Basic Types of Content

Content marketing

New to Web marketing? Your first task is to create a Website. This may seem a complex task, but it’s not. In this article we’ll discuss four basic types of Web content, so this information is useful even if you already have a site.

1. Structural Web Content: What Your Site Visitors Expect to See

A site’s basic content (your home page, About page, Contact and Privacy pages) is structural Web content. This is content which every site needs; it’s uninspiring, but necessary.

You can of course, get creative with these pages and make them truly useful, but stick with the basic page names so that your new and current customers can discover who you are, and why they should trust you.

2. Promotional and Sales Web Content: Your Bread and Butter

If you’re making money online, you need many marketing pages, including pages which are informational and promotional, as well as sales pages, from which customers can buy.

Don’t skimp on these pages. They’re the easiest kinds of pages to add to make a big impact. I’ve seem clients triple traffic and sales within a couple of months, just from adding these kinds of pages.

3. “Yoo Hoo” Web Content: Gaining Presence, Traffic and Sales

In addition to your functional marketing pages, consider creating Web pages which I call “Yoo Hoo” Web content, that is, content which has the possibility of generating lots of inbound links, and discussion. This content will be authoritative in its niche, and although it takes time and energy to create, the rewards will be great.

If you already have ebooks and reports which you’re using to win subscribers to one of your mailing lists, consider repurposing these as Web content. It’s relatively easy to do, and gives you a greater presence in the search engines.

4. Interactivity: Let Your Customers Create Content

Does your site need a forum? If you’re selling online, adding a forum can be useful. It adds content to your site, and allows your customers to interact with you, as well as with each other.

If you do decide to add a forum, seed it with some posts. You need to kick start the interaction.

Big tip: while a forum can be a great addition to your site, do keep an eye on it, even when it’s well established. A forum which is a haven for spammers damages your brand.

There you have it: four basic types of Web content you can add to your site. Get started today.

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Author: Angela Booth

Copywriter Angela Booth's clients tell her she performs "word magic." Whether she's writing advertising materials, Web content, or ghostwriting for her clients, she's committed to helping them to achieve results, fast. Author of one of the first books about online business, Making The Internet Work For Your Business, Angela's written many business books which have been published by major publishers. She's an enthusiastic self-publisher and writing teacher.