Copywriting: Why Should I Buy from You?

Are you new to copywriting? If you’re new to writing copy, there’s one vital question you must answer. It’s easy to miss answering this, because it seems so obvious to you. It’s far from obvious to anyone reading your copy however.

Here’s the question: “Why should I buy from you?”

In a sense, if any of your readers ask this question, you’ve already failed, because before they get to your sales pitch, they should be warm. You warm up your customers by pre-selling them.

(That’s mostly outside the scope of this article, but see tip #3.)

Here’s how to answer the question.

1. Everyone Is Not Your Customer: Create a Positioning Statement

If you haven’t created a positioning statement for your business, do that now. It’s impossible to write effective copy without a positioning statement.

Your statement outlines:

* Who you are

* Your business’s image

* Who your customers are (and who they’re not)

* What painful situations your customers are responding to

Once you’ve created your statement, you’re well on the way to writing effective copy.

2. Research Keywords, Even if You Never Use Them

If you’re sending traffic to your sales page with advertising, you may not do keyword research. However, since it’s a super-simple and fast way of doing market research, do it.

Investigating keywords tells you a lot about your customer’s mindset, and this is very useful when you’re writing copy.

3. Use Two Kinds of Copy: Informational and Promotional

Before he buys, every customer goes through various stages. Firstly, he becomes aware that he has a painful situation. He may have acne, or be up to his ears in debt. She may be planning a wedding, or a couple may be looking for finance for their new home.

At this early stage, your customer needs informational copy. If you haven’t written material which helps the customer before he’s ready to buy, do that first. Give your early-stage customers all the information they need to buy from you.

Then, once you’ve warmed them up, create your promotional copy, with clear instructions to buy.

When you separate the two kinds of copy, you can lead your customer through the sales process.

There you go: you’ve answered the “Why should I buy from you?” question which every professional copywriter has in mind when he writes copy.

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