News Releases: Get the Results You Want Fast

Want to give your site a huge boost in the search engines? There’s no better way than by getting into Google News. Discover how even the tiniest site can do this, very simply.

Here’s the secret: post online news releases.

Over the past few years, businesses have found that they get fantastic, targeted traffic from online news releases. Rather than spending vast amounts of money using public relations agencies who send out press releases aimed at journalists and other media, they spend their money crafting direct-to-end-user news releases which their customers can find and read.

You can do the same thing: imagine getting your site into Google News… do you think your traffic would increase?

Here’s how.

1. Set a Goal for Your Online News Release: Online or Offline?

Start by setting a goal for your online news release. What do you want to promote?

Big tip: focus on one message per news release. One of the tenets of public relations is that you stay “on message.” Therefore, promote one thing per each news release.

2. Who’s Your Target Audience? Choose Your Keywords With Care

Once you’ve selected the product or service which you want to promote, do a little keyword research. Find those keywords which your customers use when they’re searching for your website or for the product or service which you’re promoting.

Use these keywords in your news release.

3. Make Your Online News Release Media-Rich to Get More Traffic

Another secret of getting the most from your online news release is to make it media rich. In your release, link to videos, photos, and downloadable PDFs. Give your customers as much information as they need to take the action that you want them to take.

When you follow the above three tips you get great results with your online news releases.

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Author: Angela Booth

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