Social media marketing: you need to be more than the town crier

I hope that you’re fitting social media marketing into your marketing mix. Don’t be deceived however, and imagine that SMM is ALL you need. It’s not.

You need to be more than the town crier… or even the global village crier. :-)

As Is Your Online Marketing Strategy All Tweet and No Meat? says, you need to:

To Create an Archive With Long-Term SEO Value — If you’re only investing your time and resources in Facebook and Twitter, you’re not building any archive of persistent content. That’s a problem because your persistent content is what shows up in Google’s search results. Blog posts, white papers and videos posted on will get indexed by Google and drive people to become leads and customers for years. Posts on Twitter and Facebook don’t have nearly the same long-term search value.”

Social media marketing is a great adjunct to all the marketing, online, and offline, you’re already doing, but it can’t be the only thing you’re doing, because it’s too ephemeral.

Long-term marketing on the Web: build your visibility

For long-term marketing results, build your visibility. You need pages of stuff — site pages, blog posts, articles — all of which will support your business’s long term growth. Would you believe that I’m still getting sales from Web articles I wrote way back in 2001?

Invest in content, and you’re investing in yourself and your long-term business success.

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Author: Angela Booth

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