Social marketing on Twitter – make friends, get business

Are you using Twitter to market your business? I hung back from using Twitter, as I know many other online marketers did, because I couldn’t see the sense of it at first.

Then I got wise… :-)

MarketingSherpa: Get Famous Using Twitter to Market Your Company & Yourself reports on Twitter’s uses:

“Companies use Twitter to post:

o News announcements
o Links to press releases
o Links to special deals, programs, promotions
o Links to blog posts
o Links to videos, podcasts
o Messages to Twitter community
o Survey questions to Twitter community
o Requests for feedback on website redesigns and beta sites”

I use Twitter to post links to the many blog posts and articles I write each day, as well as to tools and services I want to remember. Twitter offers instant updates, so you can get immediate feedback on anything you post to the site.

Try Twitter for at least a month, and see what results you get. Twitter may become one of your favorite marketing tools.

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Author: Angela Booth

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