Copywriting: direct response advertising

I do a lot of direct response advertising copy for my clients, and often the copy consists of just a sales letter.

If you’re not familiar with it, direct response advertising comprises all those letters, brochures and flyers that you get in your postal mail box, and in your email Inbox. Direct response is effective because its focus is on RESPONSE – on an action. If you can get your customer to take action, then the direct response piece is a success.

Got a business? Get a list!
A customer list is a must for every business, but I’m always amazed that few businesses bother to make best use of their list, even if they have one. For example, yesterday I was at an electronics store (Harvey Norman, if you’re in Australia). The salesperson asked me for my phone number, and since I’m a customer, he didn’t need any other details from me. He had my contact details, and information on everything I’d bought at the store for years.

But as long as I’ve been a customer, I’ve yet to receive any person direct response advertising material from Harvey Norman. They do mass direct response advertising, because the Sunday papers contain their brochure inserts, and the occasional flyer shows up in my mailbox. However, none of that advertising is personalized. They have a customer list, but they don’t use that list.

Whatever your business, start building a customer list. These people already buy from you. They want to hear from you – I’d certainly read any special offers I got from Harvey Norman – so communicating with your list regularly will increase your sales.

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Author: Angela Booth

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