Blogging: your Internet work-horse

With Google’s BigDaddy update creating all kinds of chaos with sites which depend on linking for their rankings, I’ve been recommending BLOGGING to clients who’ve been affected. Unfortunately I get a lot of blank looks: “We’re running a business — we haven’t got time to write a diary.” I point these people to MerchantCircle — if local merchants can blog, any business can blog.

Here’s why your business will benefit from a blog:

* The search engine bots visit often, up hundreds of times a day;

* You’ll gain Page Rank for your blog within a few months;

* You can LINK prolifically, both to your own site (make sure the link is relevant) and to other sites — the Web is links, all search engines love them;

* You can tap-dance on and around your favourite keywords;

* Your customers will learn more about you and become more loyal, which builds Word of Mouth (WOM);

* You’re running a 24×7 in-house, never-ending focus group — leave comments enabled so that people can tell you what they like and don’t like about your business;

* You gain all the benefits of RSS.

Gotta blog? No? Get blogging today. If you don’t know what to blog about, blog:

* Whatever you discuss at work every day;

* Your products — why they’re great, who they’re for, what customers have said (testimonials);

* About your location;

* About your staff;

* About the history of your company and the history of your town;

* What you saw when you drove to work this morning;

* Essentially, you can blog about anything you want to blog about. It’s your blog.

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Author: Angela Booth

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