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Do you find it a challenge to write about yourself? Writing about your skills and accomplishments is essential for successful promotion. What if you could get a professional bio written for you?

"People Want And Need To Know YOU.
"Present Yourself Powerfully With a Professional Bio...
"You'll Get Better Clients And Will Sell More Ebooks."

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You need a professional bio because it's vital that your clients and readers know who you are.
They need to remember you;
A professional bio helps YOU to recognize your value.
Most writers fail to see their worth and their accomplishments, so you price your writing services too low;
Your writing platform rests on your professional bio.
Without a powerful bio, it's impossible to build your platform.
Do you envy writers who promote themselves effortlessly? Self-promotion starts when you reveal who you are proudly in your professional bio. If creating a professional bio is a challenge for you, read on. You can get your bios written for you.
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Hi Fellow Writer

When my first novel was on its way to publication, my editor asked me to create a "bio" to use on my book's cover, and for promotional purposes.

This was years before I became a copywriter, so I had no idea what a bio might be. I ignored her pleas.

Finally (I'm sure she was rolling her eyes at this stage) she sent me some questions, told me to answer them, and write about myself, as if I were writing someone else's cover bio.

Phew… writing that first bio was HARD. It took me forever. Most writers are shy. We don't want to talk about ourselves; this is why we write.

However, hard as they are to create, bios are essential. You need to know how to create them, and how to create bios for various purposes.

Here's what a bio does…

A professional bio helps you to stand out from the writing crowd

You need to create bios:

* When you apply for writing jobs. A resume is all very well, but no one who's hiring a writer wants a resume – they want something they can read fast -- an overview of who you are, and what you can do;

* For your website's About page, and your social media profiles;

* For your media kit and publicity materials;

* For your ebooks. Your readers want to know who you are. You need to tell them, so that they'll look for your upcoming ebooks.

Professional bios are HARD to write, so why not get it done for you?

I've been writing professional executive brand statements and bios for my clients for years. They're not only powerful tools, they're essential.

Over the past couple of years, I've started to write bios for writers too, because they're essential, no matter what you're writing. Not only will you be able to charge more when you present yourself well, you'll also build your platform faster when readers know who you are.

Writers get RESULTS from their bios immediately.

Introducing -- Done-For-You: Your Professional Writers' Bios

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Your professional bios include:

* A tagline (slogan) which you can use anywhere you choose – your tagline identifies you, and helps your readers and clients to remember you;

* A short bio of 50 words, which you can use in online promotions (websites, ebooks, bylines);

* A longer bio of 500 words, which you can use in your media kit, on print materials, and on your website.

You'll find an example of a bio here.

Answer some easy questions, and your bio will be done for you, just like magic

You receive a short ten-question questionnaire. You'll find the questions easy and fun to answer. Send me your responses, and you'll have the draft of your tagline and bios within five business days.

Review it, and ask for any changes you need. I'll make the changes, and you'll receive your professional bios in MS Word, plain text, and PDF formats.

You receive all rights of course, and can use your bios in any way you choose.
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BONUS -- a bio for your pen name

When you create a pen name, you're writing for a specific audience. To set up an Author Page on Amazon, you need a bio. As a bonus, I'll create a 100-word bio for any pen name, completely free.

You can use this bonus immediately, or at any time in the next 12 months. Let me know, and I'll send you our "pen name questionnaire".
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BONUS -- You're A Celebrity: Advertising And Branding Tricks For Writers

PDF, 47 pages
Free, my bestselling guide which helps you to make the most of your bios. Discover the secrets of free and paid promotions. Promotion provides security. People come to you, you don't need to chase them. In this guide, you'll discover how to promote to get the results YOU want from your writing career.
The package contains a PDF questionnaire, and your PDF ebook, which you download immediately on payment. Please follow the instructions -- they're easy. You'll receive your professional bios within five business days.

Please be aware that during the prelaunch offering, delivery may take an extra couple of days.

Questions? Please ask

Either Julia (my amazing, hard working assistant) or I will get back to you within hours (often minutes) on a business day, and within eight hours on a weekend.

You're NEVER alone -- Julia and I are here to help.

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