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Google+ Increasing Rankings? Time to Get Busy


I was NOT going to learn yet another social media site.

But then…

This article, How Social Media Sites are Affecting SEO Ranking ~ Geeky Stuffs, reported.:

“Increasing the number of Google+ Business Page followers yielded the biggest change in position: +14.63″

Since Google Place page are no more — Google converted them to Google+ Local pages — it’s time to get to grips with Google+.

I’ll be doing a little testing first, to see whether there are ranking improvements. If there are, I’ll be offering a new Google+ Page service to my clients. :-)

Sales Power: Grow Your Website With Great Web Content


You own a small business. You want more sales. If you have a website, you’re disappointed with the results; you expected your site to do more for your business. If you’re site is small: brochure size, you can’t expect much from it. To get more traffic and more sales, you need more content.

However, creating it can be a hassle. You’re busy, and so is your staff. Is it really worth the effort? Yes, it is. Dollar for dollar, every cent you invest in content will stand you in good stead for years to come.

1. Web Content Is a Cheap Promotional Strategy

Adding content to your website is one of the cheapest and most effective ways to promote your business. The more content your site contains, the more visitors you will get.

In addition to adding content you need to ensure that some of your content is so valuable that it attracts links effortlessly.

Each link you get is valuable. Consider that any backlink is worth at least $25 a month to you, and much more if the link comes from a high-ranking site. Placing a monetary value on links gives you way to evaluate the results you’re getting from your content development.

2. Which Keywords? Use Your Positioning Statement

Your positioning statement describes your audience. It also describes what your site is, and why your audience will find it valuable.

Write your positioning statement before you start researching keywords. Your keywords should be developed from your positioning statement — brainstorm keywords, and ask everyone in your company to do the same. You know your business better than anyone else, so you know the mindset of your audience and the words they’re likely to type into a search engine to find you.

Use keyword research tools only after you’ve developed your own in-house keyword list.

3. Create a Schedule for Web Content Development

The easiest way to grow your website with great content is to create a content-development schedule. (Hire writers if no one in your company has the time to write.)

Your website can be your most effective marketing tool, but its effectiveness depends on amount and type of content. The more your site grows, the more marketing power you’ll have.

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Search Engine Marketing: 5 Essential Facts No One Tells You

Are you taking your first steps into search engine marketing? While SEO (search engine optimization) and other strategies are easy to understand, they’re by no means simple in practice. Here are five essential facts you must know for success.

1. You Optimize One Page at a Time

Just as Google and the other search engines deliver one page at a time in response to queries, so you optimize your site’s pages one page at a time. Both on-page and off-page factors are important, if you want to hit the one of the top ten spots on the search engine results pages (SERPs).

2. Optimization Never Ends

Just as no Web site is ever complete, it’s vital to realize that in search engine marketing, your optimization of site pages never ends. Just as you’re working on your campaigns, so is everyone else. You may achieve # 1 rankings today, tomorrow you could be at # 999, or vanish from the results altogether.

3. Make Haste Slowly: Expect Results in Three Months

When you’re working with the organic search engine results, it’s a slow process. You won’t see the results of your work for some weeks; often you won’t see the results until three months have passed.

Frustrating? No, because once you understand that all your work is cumulative, and that the potential rewards are great, you’ll develop patience.

4. SEO May Be a Waste of Time for Your Site

SEO isn’t the answer for every site. It’s vital that you understand your audience, and their buying patterns. If your site’s audience isn’t using the search engines, don’t waste your time with search engine marketing.

5. Traffic (Usually) Isn’t the Answer

Increased sales from your site often won’t be the result of increases in traffic. All your site’s visitors are not equal. It’s better to have 100 visitors of whom 20 buy, than 5,000 visitors with no sales at all.

To increase your sales, find out where your buyers are coming from, and what impacts their buying decision. Chasing traffic can be a blind alley and a waste of money.

So there you have five essential facts of search engine marketing you must know for success with your site.

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DIY Copywriting – the Secret to Big Sales Every Day

Copywriting has been called the secret of business success, and it’s no exaggeration. Expert copywriting can double and triple your profits within a year.

However, top copywriters are expensive. Worse, they’re always booked well in advance.

What if you could do your own copywriting? You can become an expert copywriter with Angela Booth’s “Copywriting Master Class – Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius” – the class takes you from beginner to copywriting pro.

Do your own copywriting: sell more. Discover the communications’ secrets of the top copywriters. At the end of the class, not only can you do your own copywriting, you can also sell your copywriting services to others.

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Article Marketing – Low Cost, Effective Advertising for your Business

In any business, promotion costs money. Unfortunately, there are few businesses which can survive without advertising, so promotion is essential. Did you know that there’s a simple, low cost, highly effective advertising venue almost any business can use?

It’s article marketing.

Article marketing involves posting short articles, of around 500 words, to article directories around the Web. In return for the information you provide in the article, you can promote your business at the bottom of the article, in a paragraph or two called the “resource box” or “bio.”

Aside from the cost (free advertising) there are are three additional boosts article marketing gives you:

1. Articles provide backlinks – powerful links back to your Web site

Articles provide backlinks when posted to article directories, and they reach customers you could reach in no other way.

These backlinks also boost your rankings in the search engines, giving you organic traffic which directs prospects to your Web site for years.

2. Articles showcase your expertise

Credibility counts on the Web. The more you can showcase your expertise, the more your credibility builds.

Your prospective customers need to know that they can trust you before they will buy from you; article marketing builds that trust.

3. Articles when added to your Web site increase your site’s visibility in the search engines

In addition to posting your articles on the article directories, post articles on your own site. This increases the size of your site, and since each site page offers another way for prospects to find you, articles are a great way to build visibility.

No Time to Write? Hire Writers to Write Articles

If you and your staff have no time to write articles, you can find many article writers online who will be only too happy to write articles for you.

Article marketing is one of the most effective ways to advertise your business. Start using this unique opportunity today.

Articles from a top copywriter – build your business today

Articles are easy, inexpensive and on-going advertising for your business. Top copywriter Angela Booth has been using article marketing to promote her copywriting business for years.

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NEW – get quality articles from ContentBee

ContentBee offers you quality Web content from Angela Booth and her writing team. Angela has developed a team of writers to provide you with great Web content for your Web sites, ezines, newsletters, blogs, and also for article marketing (articles posted to directories as free advertising for your sites).

Order superb, well-written articles today. ContentBee provides articles for your sites and blogs, and promotional articles posted to article directories too.

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ContentBee – get the quality Web content you need


Why is it so hard to get quality Web content? If you’ve purchased Web articles, ezines and blog articles, you may well have been disappointed at the quality, not to mention the time it took you to receive the content.

Quality Web content takes time and experience to write, to edit, and to deliver on time, and to specification.

ContentBee is your source for top quality, edited content

I’m a copywriter. Nothing drives me crazier than incompetent writing which doesn’t get results.

Therefore I created ContentBee to match my hard-working Sell Your Writing Online NOW (SYWON) students with clients who want great content, delivered on time and on budget.

When you purchase from ContentBee, you’ll know that every word has been written by a trained Web writer, and has been carefully edited (by me, Angela Booth), so that the content will perform for you.

As each day passes, ranking on the Web and making sales becomes more difficult, but with ContentBee, it just became a whole lot easier.

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Article Marketing – How many Articles do You Need to Make Sales?

Article marketing is a fantastic low-cost way to get advertising for your business. Savvy online marketers have been long using this tool, and in the past couple of years it’s become very popular. But how many articles do you need make sales?

All your articles have two functions: to educate, and to pre-sell. In some industries, education takes priority. Your customers may be completely unaware of the value of a service, or a product – indeed, they may be new to your field.

So education is vital. There’s a danger here, however, and it’s this. Your articles may perform brilliantly in their educational role, and once your prospect has time to think, he may turn elsewhere to make a purchase.

Therefore it’s vital that you have some way of staying in touch with your prospects, so that they remain aware of you, and you get the sale. Getting an email address and/ or other contact details is vital. When you stay in touch, you’ll be the one a prospect turns to when he’s ready to buy.

This means that a prime function of your articles, whether you have two or hundreds, should be encourage the prospect to give you his contact details.

Your articles will pre-sell too; they act as your 24x7x365 sales people, and the more articles you have, the more sales people you have working for you.

Let’s look at three ways you can get your articles working for you.

1. Investigate keywords

Your articles act as gateways to your site’s sales pages. Therefore you need to write articles targeting the primary keywords your customers will type into the search engines’ query boxes to find you.

In competitive industries, the competition for the first ten slots on the search engines’ results pages is fierce. Articles will help you to achieve a spot in those top ten slots because of their authoritative nature: they’re both informative and educational.

So investigate your referrer logs. Which keywords are winning traffic for you now? Write articles targeting those keywords. These are likely to be “long tail” keywords, which means that they’re less competitive.

2. Write articles for those keywords which get traffic

In addition to targeting long tail keywords, target your industry’s most competitive keywords directly. With a number of articles, all targeting those keywords, over time you’ll get rankings for them, it’s inevitable. However, because these keywords are competitive, realize that ranking for them will take longer.

Here’s an additional weapon you can use. Once you’ve written an article and posted it to your site, write a press release announcing the article. A press release will get you onto the Web’s news pages, and will provide healthy backlinks which will give your article a real boost in the search engines.

3. Keep track of your articles, and link to them from other pages on your Web site

Although articles are valuable, you can make them even more valuable by making them a real feature of your site. Link to your articles from other pages. I’ve seen many sites where articles are relegated to an “Articles” ghetto: they’re cut off from the rest of the site. Please don’t do this – your articles are gold. Treat them with the respect they deserve.

The answer to “How many articles do you need to make sales?” is another question: “How many sales do you want?” The more articles you have online, the more sales you will make. In that sense, article marketing is just like advertising – but unlike advertising, your articles will keep working faithfully for you for many years, providing an outstanding return on your initial investment.

Articles are easy, inexpensive and on-going advertising for your business. Top copywriter Angela Booth has been using article marketing to promote her copywriting business for years.

Get the articles you need to promote your business today. Angela offers a complete article marketing service. Get quality articles written by a top copywriter.

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Marketing with Squidoo – Spotlight your Successes for Traffic

In these tough times, the traffic and sales generated from your business’s Web site can make the difference between a healthy profit and a mass of red in the company accounts.

Unfortunately, if you’ve just created a Web site, you’ve left your run a little late. Web sites take time to index, and to start appearing for searches in the major search engines. A Web site which went live a year ago for example, should now start appearing in the search engine results’ pages.

Here’s a little tip which has worked wonders for my marketing clients, resulting in getting their new sites indexed in double-quick time: use Squidoo. Currently Squidoo has a PageRank of 7, so a link from Squidoo to your site ensures that your site is spidered.

The brainchild of consummate marketer Seth Godin, Squidoo is free advertising for your business. Google likes Squidoo, and you’ll see Squidoo lenses ranking well for some highly popular and desirable keywords.

Squidoo lenses do well on Google, so a collection of lenses can drag your new Web site into the Google index if the site is new, and can bring you traffic if your site’s established.

Most businesses are still clueless about Squidoo, so you should be able to build a presence there easily.

Here’s how to market with Squidoo:

1. Create a lens for your company

You can create a Squidoo lens for anything at all. (A page on Squidoo is called a “lens”.) Start by creating a lens about your company, and link it to your site, of course.

Build the lens over time. A tiny lens that you create and forget will get you no results. Make your lens useful, and your lens will get traffic, and so will your Web site.

The term “lens” is a clue which tells you that each lens you create must be sharply focused – focus your company lens on what your company does for your customers, from the customers’ point of view. Provide information, rather than trying to sell on your lenses.

Create a white paper or report, and offer it on your lens for free, in return for visitors’ email addresses giving you permission to stay in touch with them.

Tip: do a search for your competitors on Squidoo. You may be surprised that some already have Squidoo lenses. If not, congratulate yourself on your own prescience, and build your lenses.

2. Create a lens for each product

A single lens is just a page, so create a lens for each product you sell, or service you provide. Again, ensure that these lenses are informational, rather than simple advertising. Your goal is to capture your audience, and send them to your site, where you can do all the selling you want to do.

Post audio files and videos to your lenses: make each lens as interactive, and information-rich as possible.

3. Staff spotlight – have each member of staff create their own lens

Encourage your staff to create lenses too. The more lenses aimed at your site, the more traffic you will generate for the site.

Staff could create lenses in their own area of interest, linking back to your site. Lenses are meant to be fun, so give staff their head: let them be creative.

Need expert marketing help? Top copywriter Angela Booth specializes in Web marketing.

Articles are powerful and effective Web marketing; Angela can create article packages providing huge returns on investment.

Article Marketing – Use the Power to Get More Traffic

Each day, millions of new Web pages are created, and the Web becomes more competitive. It’s a battlefield for traffic, because the traffic in any area is limited by the number of searches each day. This is the dirty little secret that the “guaranteed traffic to your Web site” folks won’t tell you.

But what if there was a powerful way you were guaranteed traffic – free traffic?

There is, with article marketing. Basically article marketing means writing articles which perform as advertising, bringing visitors to your site. Article marketing is powerful, and has major benefits over standard advertising.

The benefits include: it’s free, so it sends you traffic forever without you having to pay for it, it raises your credibility, and it builds trust.

I’m sure you know that to get traffic, you send your articles to article directories. But there are other ways you can use your articles’ power.

Let’s look at four additional ways you can use the power of article marketing to get more traffic to your site and make more sales.

1. Post the articles to your own site – increase your presence in the search engines

Before you send articles to article directories, post them on your own site. Each additional page on your site increases your footprint in the search engines, and over time, the articles will provide gateways for more and more traffic to find you.

When you post the articles, don’t just dump them into an “Articles” directory on your site. Integrate your articles with the rest of your content, particularly with your sales pages.

2. Send the articles to subscribers to your ezine

If you don’t already send out regular email to people who’ve opted in to receive messages from you, create an ezine today. For the small amount of effort it takes to mail out an ezine, you’ll get additional traffic.

Creating an ezine ensures that the traffic you attract to your site returns, rather than visiting once, and being forever lost to you.

3. Offer the articles to bloggers in your niche

Whatever your industry, bloggers are covering it, and all bloggers need material for their blogs. Send your articles to bloggers in your niche. If they publish articles, you’ve just gained an additional flow of traffic.

4. Turn a collection of articles into a free report

Over time, your articles will mount up. Now it’s time to get more value from them. Bundle up a collection of articles into a report, and offer them as an inducement to get subscribers to your ezine.

People keep such reports for years, and you’ll get more traffic to your site.

You can also offer your reports to bloggers, to give to their subscribers.

Make your Articles Traffic-worthy for Even More Powerful Results

As you can see, articles are the gift which keeps on giving.

For even more powerful results, ensure that your articles are of high quality. When you post your articles to the article directories, high quality articles will be picked up by other sites to share with their site visitors – this can result in an enormous boost in traffic for you.

Therefore, spend time crafting worthwhile articles, or have them professionally written for you. The money you spend will give you a much better return on investment than advertising, because the effect of articles is much longer lasting.

Articles are easy, inexpensive and on-going advertising for your business. Top copywriter Angela Booth has been using article marketing to promote her copywriting business for years.

Get the articles you need to promote your business today. Angela offers a complete article marketing service. Get quality articles written by a top copywriter.

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Article Writing for the Web – Top Four Mistakes to Avoid

Article writing gives you the biggest bang for your marketing buck online. Content is still king, and the more content you have, the more traffic your site will get. Articles also provide excellent, free on-going advertising for you, so what’s not to like?

While articles are great, it’s easy to make mistakes when you’re writing them, or when someone else is writing them for you.

Let’s look at four mistakes which are easy to make, and to avoid, once you know what they are:

1. Your articles lack focus

People don’t read online; they skim. So your articles need to be focused to grab attention. Make a statement in your introduction, and then prove the statement. Or tell an anecdote, and share the moral.

I’ve studied what makes the “most viewed” articles at the article directories, and most had this in common: they made one main point, and only one, and that point was easy to grasp, even if you weren’t paying attention.

2. You don’t research your keywords

If no one finds your articles via the search engines, they won’t get read them; nor will they read your pitch in the resource box. So ensure that the keywords you’re using are actually keywords for which real people search.

3. You don’t set set goals, and then measure traffic

One article is like a snowball. You need several articles (ten or more if possible in an article marketing campaign) to create an avalanche of traffic. Over time, if you put some thought into keywords, you can come to dominate the search engine results pages for your chosen keywords, IF you measure your traffic.

Measuring is important. If you measure, you’ll see what works. You can then write more articles to boost your results for the keywords which get you the best results.

Set goals for your article writing. Then track the articles you’ve written. Aim to check once a month to see how the articles you wrote are ranking, and whether they’re getting traffic.

4. Your articles are filled with jargon and are BORING

Avoid business-speak. Use a casual, conversational style. Keep your sentences and paragraphs short, because they’re easier to read online, and as stated, your readers skim. If they’re face with ten-sentence paragraphs, they’ll click away from your article.

So there you have four mistakes which are easy to avoid in your article writing.

Need an expert copywriter to write quality articles for your business? Articles are easy, inexpensive and on-going advertising. Top copywriter Angela Booth has been using article marketing to promote her copywriting business for years, and she can help you by writing and distributing your articles too.

Get the articles you need to promote your business today. Angela offers a complete article ghostwriting and distribution service.

Article Marketing – Three Tips to Using Articles to Promote Your Online Business

If you’ve started an online business, you know that you need to promote consistently to get traffic and sales. Although there are many ways you can promote, article marketing delivers great, on-going results at minimal cost. In this article we’ll look at the top three tips for using articles to market your business.

Here they are:

1. Post articles on article directories

Not familiar with article marketing? Marketing using articles means offering free information as a form of advertising. Not only will your business become more widely known, it will also gain respect and credibility.

Article marketing is a form of advertising, but it’s much more effective than advertising, because when you stop paying for an ad, you lose traffic. Your articles stay online, and will bring traffic to your Web site for years.

Once you’ve written an article, post it to article directories online. You can choose a general directory, or one which is more targeted to your audience.

Over time, your articles will spread across the Web, bringing a flow of traffic. You won’t see the full effects of your article publishing push for months, so it’s important that when you start article marketing, you keep creating and publishing them – their effect on your site’s traffic is cumulative.

2. Post articles to your own Web sites and blogs

In addition to posting articles on article directories, post them to your site as well. This increases your site’s content, and will boost your site in the search engine rankings.

Before you start publishing your articles to your site, create a structure, so that your articles form a real resource for your site’s visitors. Although you’ll still get traffic if you just dump all your articles into an “Articles” directory, you’ll get better results if you think about leading your site’s visitors around your site to make a purchase or take other action when they arrive at one of your articles.

After you’ve published an article on your site, don’t move it elsewhere on your site unless it’s absolutely necessary, because if you do, you’ll break links which other sites have created to reference specific articles.

3. Post article collections to sites like Squidoo and Scribd

The more backlinks (links pointing to your site) the better. There are many ways you can get more backlinks. One of the easiest ways is to post your articles on sites like Squidoo and Scribd.

Squidoo allows you to create “lenses”, one-page topic sites. Create several lenses on topics relevant to your site, and post article collections to these lenses, pointing back to your site. Not only are your lenses a source of backlinks, they’re also a source of traffic.

Squidoo is very popular; you can build a real community there, providing further support to your site.

The Scribd site lets you put documents online, and make them public. Think of Scribd as YouTube for documents. Collect your articles into collections, and post them to Scribd. You can post your articles in a variety of formats: text, HTML, Adobe PDF, and more.

As with Squidoo, you can build a community at Scribd when people make your documents favorites. Scribd will bring your site traffic, and will increase your backlinks too.

So there you are – you now have three powerful ways in which you can use article marketing to promote your online business.