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“Free” Can Hurt You: Always Have a Reason to Give Stuff Away

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Many businesses use “free stuff” as a marketing strategy.

Content marketing is based on free stuff. There’s nothing wrong with it. It works, as long as you’re making money.

Ten times as many online publications are charging for their content this year, as were charging last year. They know that you can’t keep giving stuff away if you want to stay in business.

However, as Chris Garrett points out, too many bloggers get stuck in the free model and never make money. In How to Get Paid for Free he says:

“A lot of bloggers don’t even get that far – we get into the free rut. You do have to break out of it eventually. It’s a comfort zone. Blogging is hard work, and only ever giving stuff away can lead your audience to assume you are not in business at all. When you finally do start to suggest they pay money you can get a lot of push back. “

Know your business strategy BEFORE you use the “free” model

As I said on my Just Write a Book Blog:

Loss-leading products are a favorite way for supermarkets to make sales. Loss leaders work for book sales too.

Chances are you won’t have Amazon helping you out, but you can certainly use this strategy. The key is to have sufficient books in the marketplace. You offer one or two books at a lower price, hoping that readers will give you a try. Not every reader will love your style. However, you will develop a loyal readership — a platform. Those loyal readers are the key to your success.

I’ve seen many authors on Amazon giving their one and only ebook away for free, using KDP Select. I always wonder WHY they would do that. What’s the point? Wait until you’re selling several ebooks before you start giving them away.

Know how you’ll make money before you use the “free” strategy

If you want to start an online business and use the content marketing strategy, know how you’ll make money, and when you’ll start charging. Once it’s time to charge money, start charging.

A Blog is Not a Business (You Can’t Make Money Blogging)


I love blogging. I’ve been blogging since around 2000. That’s a long time — and even longer in Internet time. In all that time however, I hope I’ve never, even inadvertently, given anyone the impression that you make money from a blog by blogging, alone.

Here’s how it works.

[Your monetization strategy and/ or business] + [blog to promote that] = money.

A blog, on its own, is nothing. It’s totally useless. It always has been. Your blog and your blogging efforts, exist solely in support of something else. That “something else” comes first.

I write for business people and writers, so this article, Why The “Make Money Blogging” Niche Is Broken | Blog Marketing Academy, was a surprise, although perhaps it shouldn’t have been:

“SOMEWHERE along the line – and I have no idea where or who – this notion came about that one could make money by blogging alone.

The path is seemingly simple: (1) Start blog, (2) Build traffic by writing alot, doing awesome shit, yada yada, (3) ‘Monetize’.”

(Read the article, it’s a good one, and read the comments, too.)

Why, why, oh why???

My Web content clients tend to wince when I ask WHY? about a piece of content they want me to create. But think about it: if you don’t know what a Web page (or a blog post) is supposed to be doing, how can it do what you want?

Without a medium of exchange (goods or services for cash), your blog will achieve… nothing. The WHY has to come first, before you create a blog. I’ve got hundreds of blogs (literally), but each and every one of them has a reason for its existence. I had a goal, and created the blog to support that goal.

Look at the little image on the top right of this post. See the products (fruit and vegetables) and the hand with coins in it? That’s TRADE. It’s making money. The shopkeeper trades fruit and veggies for cash.

What are you trading on your blog — where’s the exchange for cash?

Occasionally, bloggers approach me and ask how they can monetize a blog. Often, the reply is: “You can’t.” The blogger has created a blog for a particular interest, and although the blog may be wonderful, there just aren’t any monetization options. I’d give you some examples of blogs which are impossible to monetize, but I won’t embarrass anyone.

You CANNOT make money, just by blogging. The monetization strategy must come first.

Professional Blogger: How to Get Hired to Blog for Businesses

If you’ve ever had thoughts that you might want to become a professional blogger, now’s the ideal time to get hired to blog for businesses. Businesses are rushing online because their customers are online, and they know that content is the best form of marketing. If you can give your clients what they need, you’ll get all the jobs you want.

Let’s look at how you can get started.

Start by creating a blog, which is targeted at the audience you’re aiming to reach — that is businesses. This website is your portfolio. It’s an example of your blogging skills, so it should be professional, but not stuffy.

Your next step is to decide on an industry. It needs to be an industry which you know well. This is because you’re blogging in the name of a company, so you need to have some understanding of how they operate.

Next, visit Google and do a little research. It’s always easier to get hired by companies in your local area, than to get hired by a company on the other side of the world. This is because it’s vital that you understand local business conditions, because conditions vary from country to country, and within countries, from state to state.

Enter the industry you’ve chosen into Google. For example, let’s say that you want to blog for business development companies. Just enter “business development” into Google.

Google uses geo-targeting, so all the local companies will show up in your search results.

Visit the company sites, and check to see how many have blogs. Chances are you’ll find that few of them do.

Your next step is to contact the companies you’ve found and discuss what you can do for them. Make sure that you write out a script before you call them. This is not the time to wing it and speak off the top of your head.

If you spend a couple of days calling companies in your local area, you’ll end up with several blogging contracts. Getting hired to blog for businesses is quite simple. Get started today – businesses need you.

Blog for Big Companies, and Make a Six-Figure Income


If you’re looking for writing gigs, you’ll have seen that many businesses advertise for bloggers. Unfortunately, the businesses which advertise are all doing so because they’re looking for cheap content.

You can do much better.

You can find clients who don’t advertise, but who pay well for blogging. Did you know that experienced professional bloggers charge their clients a minimum of $1000 per month, per blog? Consider that if a blogger’s working for 20 clients, that’s $20,000 a month.

You can blog for businesses too, if you’re prepared. Discover how, with Blogging Ace: Make Six Figures in Nine Months by Doing What You Love.