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Book Marketing: Easy Images For Non-Designers (Free)

Book Marketing: Easy Images For Non-Designers

I’ve been helping several clients with book marketing over the past couple of months, and because they’re writers, they  think they “can’t do” images. Of course you can… The shining highlight of my artistic career was finger painting in kindergarten, with a notable mention going to wire-jewelry creation in high school (wire-wrapped gemstones, very pretty), so if I can do images, anyone can do them.

Why create images? Because you need them for social media, and advertising. Yes, you can hire a designer to create some wonderful images, and you should, if you can afford it. However, most marketing these days is done on the fly. You’re not going to hire a designer to create graphics for every blog post you write, or for every social media update.

Let’s look at some easy image creation tools for non-designers… they’re all FREE.

1. Easy: create images with presentation software

You’ve got presentation software lurking on your hard drive, admit it. Look for PowerPoint, or Keynote, if you’re a Mac user. I created the above image in about two minutes using Keynote; it’s for the Marketing Your Book in 5 Minutes a Day video series which is part of my new Nonfiction Ebook Superstar: Write and Sell In 24 Hours Or Less program.

If you don’t have an Office suite, download Open Office, it’s free. It includes the Impress app, which allows you to create fancy images and diagrams.

Consider using your presentation app to create: CTA (calls to action) images; advertising images; and images for social media.

2. Elegant: use Canva to create covers and ads

book cover templates

Canva.com comes with a slew of templates. To create a cover for an ebook, just click on the Kindle Cover template, and you’re good to go. Of course you can create images in custom sizes too.

The big benefit of Canva is that it’s HARD to create dud images. Your images may not make a design student or artist weep tears of envy, but they’re eye-catching, and that’s all you need. You want to pique your potential readers’ curiosity, and Canva helps you to do that, elegantly.

Consider using Canva to create: book covers in various sizes, as well as advertising collateral, and info graphics,  if you’re writing nonfiction.

3. Fast: anyone can get creative with PicMonkey

Create fast with PicMonkey

You can create images super-fast with PicMonkey.com. (You can even use your own fonts now.) It’s the easiest, and the fastest way not only to create simple text images, but also to add pizazz to your own photos. Just drag them in, and turn them into artistic wonders.

I use PicMoney whenever I want to create text images, or create a blog image in a minute or two.

Consider using PicMoney when you have NO TIME to market your book. Just drag an image into PicMonkey, jazz it up (or not), and share it at a click. You can see the many possible ways of sharing your image below; Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and more.

Share an image

So, there you have it. Three ways to create book marketing images easily, completely for free, even if you’re not a designer.

Increase Your Income: Write and Sell Nonfiction

 Nonfiction Ebook Superstar: Write and Sell In 24 Hours Or Less

Every writer today is in a powerful position. You’ve got the power of Amazon, and the power of the Web. ALL of the tools you need to write and sell are FREE. However, few writers make use of that power. Can you spare just 24 hours to create an ebook that will sell for ten years?

, and on Twitter: @angee.

You can find Angela on Pinterest, too.

Want Free Advertising? Here You Go

Vintage ad - Lucky
Ah, the halcyon days of advertising. Smoking’s been outlawed, advertising’s painfully expensive… and often just don’t work.

If you’re tired of spending too much on advertising, there’s an alternative. As I said in this article, 5-Minute Blogger: 300 Seconds to Success | Angela Booth’s Fab Freelance Writing Blog:

Why blog? Two words: free advertising.

As Hubspot points out, the blog post is the new advertising unit.

If you want to get paid to write, you need to advertise. Unfortunately, not only does advertising cost money, it’s also ephemeral. You pay, your message gets out, and when you stop paying, your message is GONE.”

I nag people to blog. My clients, my writing students… nag, nag, nag… BLOG!

These days, advertising just doesn’t work as well as it used to. Your audience is everywhere, and nowhere.

This means that you need to try different things. Will blogging work for your business? I have no idea. However, it couldn’t hurt, could it?

You can blog in five minutes a day

Blogging may be a wonderful idea, however, it takes time. It’s much easier to run the same advertising you’ve been running for years, even if it no longer works as well as it should.

Read the article I quoted above. You CAN blog in five minutes a day. Others do it, why not you?

If you need help with your blogging, you can contact me. I’m happy to work with you to set up your blogging program — even to blog for you, if you like.

Just blog. Seriously — you’re missing out if you don’t.


Want More Traffic? Give Flipboard a Try, It’s Free


I’ve spoken a lot about Flipboard’s new Magazines, mainly because I’ve been creating a Flipboard guide for marketers.

I was excited when the new feature was announced, Flipboard 2.0 WOW: Create Your Own Magazines:

You can create your own ‘magazines’ on the all-new Flipboard

Flipboard’s coming out with version 2, and judging by the video below, it’s nothing short of amazing. You can compile everything you want to read, or just assemble, into glitzy collections, called Magazines.”

Magazines have certainly lived up to my expectations, as over-heated as they were.

Want to use Flipboard for marketing, and not sure how? Here you go. You’ll find them as exciting as I do. Enjoy. :-)

Automatic Ebooks With The Anthologize WordPress Plugin — Free


You’ve got a blog. This means you have content. You can repurpose that content in many different ways, and one of the easiest ways is to create an ebook from selected posts. However, this is a chore.

Here’s how to get the task off your To Do list, and done, automatically — IF you have a WordPress self-hosted blog. (The plugin doesn’t work on WordPress.com.)

Search for Anthologize from your WordPress Dashboard, and install it.

You can see a screenshot of the plugin here.

Jennifer Herndon’s created an excellent tutorial video too…

Anthologize is the perfect tool for you to turn some of your posts into ebooks. Once you’ve ordered the content the way you want it, you can export your new ebook to several formats, including ePUB and PDF.

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