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Email Marketing Shockers: Get Your Email Campaigns Ready for the Holidays

Holiday Email Campaigns

Getting your email marketing campaigns ready for this holiday season?

The 2012 WhatCounts Holiday Email Marketing Guide has some wonderful insights, Holiday email marketing resources 2012:

“Retail Email Guide to the Holiday Season: 6th edition of this annual report from Chad White and Responsys looks at different holiday opportunities and tactics you can exploit, based on hundreds of monitored retailer campaigns.”

Insights you can use

* Consider campaigning on weekends

The volume of email picks up in the week before Thanksgiving, then hits its stride after December 1, with the greatest volumes sent in the two weeks leading up to Christmas.

Most emails were sent out in the middle of the week. The insight: do some of your holiday email marketing on the weekend, so that your emails stand out.

* Open rates were nearly as high on Saturdays, as they were on Thursdays

Since the competition is less on Saturdays, guess when you should be sending out emails?

* Email open rates drop in December

In some cases, click-throughs rates dropped to just one percent in December. What a shocker! Now you know, you can take action to combat that.

Tip: improve your offers, and hit social media to make sure that your offers get noticed.

* Open rates strongly affected actions

If your emails were opened in the 2011 holiday season, you got business. So, your challenge this season is to raise your email open rates.

Tip: do something — anything — to get attention, so that you increase your open rates.

* Consumers start searching for gifts earlier than you think

Did you know that consumers start their holiday shopping as early as the last week in October? This means that you need to have your email marketing campaigns ready to fire in November. Keep firing away until December 25.

Last year, most email marketers slacked off in mid-November, when they should have been sending out messages. Now you know what NOT to do this year.

Start your planning for your holiday email marketing push today — be ready to start sending in November.

Get the News Out About Your Blog Posts


Although I love reading blogs, I rarely get more than a couple of minutes to read them, usually while I’m doing something else — waiting for the coffee to be ready at home, or while waiting for a meeting to start when I’m out.

Everyone’s busy. Keep that in mind when you post to your blog, especially if it’s a business blog. There’s so much content around today, and everyone’s so busy, that you need to do more than blog: you need to get the news out about your blog posts.

This article, Top 10 Tips to Maximize the Life of a Blog Post! | The Marketing Nut, offers some excellent advice, especially this tip:

“Send an email to your list and include all content created. Send the email to your list of subscribers with a short summary of the content and why they should read it, including how it can help them solve business problems or improve their life.  Include mention of and links to both the blog post and video. This works like a charm. I do this all the time and get many personal emails back thanking me for doing such.”

You do have an email list, don’t you? I nag my copywriting clients about email marketing. Too few companies do it. Email is another way to stay in touch with your audience, and if you have a blog, you need to let them know when you’ve posted content.

We mentioned blogging your “old” content.

You get new prospects and customers every day. Do they know you have a blog? Are they aware that they can contact you via your blog, or via social media? Your blog posts should be part of your sales channel, so include them in your email marketing. And of course, if you don’t yet have a mailing list; create one today.

I’m in awe of how well some companies use email. For example, Hungry Girl does an amazing job. The company sends out daily emails, with recipes and other interesting content.

You don’t have to turn email marketing into an extravaganza. Using email to get the news out about your blog posts is simple to do; indeed, many mailing list services will send out links to your latest blog posts daily, or weekly.

Tip: when you’re planning your blogging, plan your promotions at the same time.

, and on Twitter: @angee

Mumgo’s Email-First Strategy


Thanks for clicking, now gimme your email

Mumgo is a new Australian site that knows what it wants: your email address. You can’t enter the site until you hand over your details.

When I read this story, Revealed: Why Catch of the Day snapped up a four-week-old website and launched new lifestyle site Mumgo, I decided to visit Mumgo:

“Catch of the Day transformed newly launched ecommerce site Ladybub, founded by husband and wife team and former investment bankers Dan and Elise Gold, into Mumgo.

The Golds are heading up the Mumgo site and received a stake in the business.”

My mummy days are long behind me, so I clicked on the Suppliers page to learn a little more. Mumgo is keen for suppliers to sign up:

Why feature on Mumgo?
We connect you to a very large online shopping community of Aussie mums

Our campaigns are first-class in their presentation and focus on the educational aspects of your brand, story and products

We help you move stock quickly

We order large volumes

We pay immediately (no trading terms are required)

Obviously, they’re working on that “very large online shopping community of Aussie mums” thing by demanding that anyone arriving at the site hand over their email address first.

No, I don’t object. It’s a good idea for a shopping-bargains site. I’m just surprised — shocked, even. Well done, Mumgo. It’s exactly what the site should be doing, that’s why I’m surprised. :-)

Grow Your Own Email List (And If You’ve Got One, Use It)

When it comes to mailing lists, I’m a big believer in companies growing their own. Why on earth would you want to send email (or mail, for that matter) to people who don’t know your company and have no relationship with you?

Last week a client acted as if I was trying to get him to grow his own organic vegetables when I suggested growing his own email list. His point of view: “It takes too long!”

I’ve written direct mail for companies which buy lists, and for companies which diligently collect information from their customers and build their own. Their own list always does better.

As this article, Why Purchasing Email Lists Is Always a Bad Idea, points out:

“There’s no such thing as a good email list that’s for sale.

Unless you’re in the process of acquiring an entire company, you’re not going to come across a high quality email list you can purchase. It being for sale at all means that the email addresses on it have already been ripped to shreds by all the other people who have purchased that list, and emailed the people on it. Any email addresses that once had value have since been spammed to the ends of the earth!”

Your customer list is an asset

Your mailing list can be the lifeblood of your company. You can even make a money from it, if you choose to send mailings for other businesses.

Here’s what I’ll never understand: companies which diligently collect customer details, as a ritual, but then fail to use the asset they’ve created. This is worse than buying a list.

If you don’t have a list, start collecting email addresses as soon as you can.

And if you have a list and never use it… think about the asset you have which you’re willfully refusing to use.

Create a mailing list today.


, and on Twitter: @angee

Email Marketing with Ezines Still Works: Kick Start your Sales Machine Today

Is email marketing dead? It’s alive and thriving, when done the right way. Your prospects and customers need you to connect with them, and to be there when they’re ready to buy.

Discover why your business should have an ezine.

1. Connect With an Ezine

An ezine is the ideal way to connect with your customers.

How much traffic do you get your website every day? Chances are that most of that traffic will be wasted. They arrive at your site, then vanish, never to be heard from again.

If you’ve paid for that traffic, you’re wasting money. You need a way to capture e-mail addresses so you can reconnect with that traffic.

Once someone is on your ezine’s subscriber list, you can connect with them each week or each month. Since you need to have several interactions (some authorities say up to seven times) with a customer before they buy, an ezine gives you the ideal way to build the customer relationship.

2. Build Customer Loyalty

Many businesses ignore their customers once they’ve made a purchase. Since it’s very much easier to sell to somebody who’s a ready bought from you than to capture a new customer this is a huge waste of opportunity. Once someone has purchased from you they trust you. You can sell to them again.

When you have an ezine you maintain the relationship. You will sell to your customers again and again: they become loyal customers.

3. Longevity Counts: Be There when They’re Ready to Buy

When someone visits your website they may be ready to buy or they may not. If they’re not ready to buy you have no way of contacting them again if you don’t have an ezine.

Once they’re a subscriber, they can become a customer and a repeat customer. A customer who buys a $20 widget may be a $2000 customer over his lifetime with you.

An ezine can be the lifeblood of your business. Do you have an ezine? If you don’t, create one today and build your profits.

Email Marketing: Your Essential Money Making Tool

Are you using email marketing in your business? You should — dollar for dollar, it’s the best way to promote your products and services. However, you do need to develop your email marketing strategies, to ensure that your recipients both receive your emails, and act on them.

Let’s look at how you can do that.

1. Is Email Marketing Dead? No, It’s Not

Start by creating a method by which you can develop a mailing list. Offer your subscribers something of value for joining your list.

Here’s a vital tip: the more value you provide to your subscribers, the more value you receive. A tiny marketing list of fewer than 500 subscribers can add to your bottom line, if you provide value to them. They’ll reciprocate.

Your list will take time to grow. This is fine. The more targeted your list is to precisely the audience for your products, the more valuable it is.

2. Ensuring Your Messages Are Read: Add Value

When you’re sending messages to your list, the subject line is vitally important. Keep your subject lines straightforward and clear. Never to tempted to be too clever or creative; your subject lines will read like spam.

With each message you send, you have the opportunity to either build a relationship with your subscribers, or destroy it. So ensure that every single message gives your subscribers something valuable.

3. Your Blog and Email Marketing: Each Blog Post Is a Message

No time for email marketing? Many email marketing services can integrate with your blog. Each time you write a post, your posts are sent to your list’s subscribers. In addition to receiving your blog posts, your list can also receive standard messages.

Integrating your mailing list with your blog is an easy way to stay in touch with your subscribers regularly, so that they look forward to your messages and read them.

Get started with email marketing today; it’s a great way to increase your business.

Do It Yourself Copywriting – Never Be at the Mercy of a Copywriter Again

Got your own business? Write YOUR OWN copy!

If you have your own business, you need a top copywriter. Great copy can double and triple the income from your advertising. But copywriters are expensive, if that is, you can hire them at all. In my own copywriting practice, I take on very few new clients, because I’m too busy serving the clients I already have.

So why not write your own copy? Developing copywriting skills means that you’re never at the mercy of a copywriter: write your own copy, and build your business (and save money).

I’ve created a new class, “Copywriting Master Class – Ten Weeks to Copywriting Genius” - takes you from beginner to copywriting pro. Join now – save thousands, and write your own copy.

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