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Article Marketing Strategy: Easy Profits With Articles

You’re running a business, and you’re looking for an article marketing strategy. You’ve heard that this form of advertising is not only inexpensive, but is also highly effective. Discover how you can make it work for you.

I’ve been using article marketing as a promotional tool for a decade, and although I use other forms of marketing, articles give me the best ROI (Return on Investment.) I like to set up a series of campaigns, so that I can track them, and assess their effectiveness.

Let’s look at three steps which will help you to strategize your own campaigns.

1. Ask yourself: what does your audience need to know? You’re using article marketing to achieve a specific result, so think in terms of information which would help your audience to make a decision to buy from you, or to learn more about the product you’re promoting.

For example, let’s say you’re launching a new product. Make a list of attributes and benefits of your product. You could write informational articles on each of these attributes, explaining why they’re important.

2. Create an article marketing plan, and schedule your tasks. This is essential. As with other forms of marketing, you need to track what’s working. Structure each plan into a campaign, with a specific goal.

Decide how many articles you’ll need for each campaign, and have them written, or write them yourself.

3. Track your articles: are you achieving the results you want? Tracking is essential.

Remember that the effect of your articles is cumulative, and that you’ll be able to assess the effectiveness of a campaign around a month after you’ve posted the final article to article directories.

The above three steps will help you to develop an article marketing strategy. They’ve worked well for me for years, and they’ll work for you, too.

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Article Marketing Wisdom: How to Make the Most of Each Article You Write

Article marketing is a very powerful promotional tool. If you’ve been using this advertising method successfully, you know how effective it is. However, you may not be making the most of each article you write. Let’s look at four ways you can do this.

1. Use Your Articles to Build a Targeted and Profitable Email List

Email marketing isn’t as profitable as it once was, however having your own mailing list is vitally important no matter what business you’re in.

Use your articles to build your email list, so that you get the opportunity to promote your products and services each time you publish a new article.

You can use your already-published articles to attract subscribers to your list. Bundle up your best articles, save them as a PDF file, and offer them as a subscription bonus.

Alternatively, if you have lots of articles, use a Print on Demand service, and publish your articles as a book. This method of using your articles works particularly well if you’re operating a bricks and mortar business — give your book away to your customers. (Remember to include promotional messages.)

2. Use Your Articles on Your Own Blog

Many article marketers publish their articles to article directories, but they fail to use their articles themselves. This is an error — you should be profiting from your articles yourself for increased traffic to your website.

If you’re worried about the “duplicate content” penalty, don’t be. There is no penalty as such. You can certainly publish your articles on your own site for the search engine optimization benefits.

3. Revisit Your Articles and Update Them

Articles become stale over time. When you revisit your articles, and update them with fresh information, it has almost the same effect as writing a completely new article. You will draw more traffic to your site and you will make more sales.

4. Build Your Website’s Internal Linking Profile Through Your Articles

Articles are extremely valuable as a search engine optimization tool.

Link back from your articles to your primary site or blog. This gives the other pages on your site a rankings boost. Site visitors will stay longer too, because there’s more information.

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Article Marketing: 5 Ways to Win the Web Content War

Article marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your business online. However, there are pitfalls. Creating an articles directory on your website worked in 1999, but to achieve results these days you must integrate your articles with the rest of your Web content.

Let’s look at five ways in which you can win the Web content war.

1. Create a Web Content Strategy

Your strategy must have clearly defined goals. Decide what you want to achieve with your articles. Create tracking methods so that you can see the effect your articles are having.

Keywords are part of your strategy. Initially, focus on “long tail” keywords — these will always be phrases — because your primary aim is not to get traffic, it’s to get conversions. Whether you want sales or leads, or simply want to brand your business, in most industries competitive keywords are hard to rank for, so stick with long tail keywords, and build your search engine rankings slowly.

2. Develop a Plan to Promote Your Articles

You’ve created a strategy. You’ve commissioned articles.

Next you’ll need to create a plan to promote your articles. Yes that’s right, if you want traffic and conversions quickly you need to promote the articles which you’re using for promotion.

Therefore, aim is to get as many links to your articles as you can achieve.

Press releases come into play here. They’re an excellent way of getting traffic to your articles, so that your articles can start to work for you.

3. Quality Rules: Ensure That Your Web Content Is Worth Reading

Over the past several years, article marketing has become very popular with canny web marketers. This means that there’s a huge flood of sub-par articles.

Remember that your articles are promoting your business, therefore they’re at least as important as your other business communications. Your articles will be online for many years, and if you have a choice between buying 100 low-quality articles, and five quality articles, go for quality.

4. Remember Sales: Your Articles Are Promotions

A major pitfall in article marketing is to aim for traffic, rather than sales. Traffic to your website means nothing. You need targeted visitors who will take the actions you want them to take, once you reach your site. Ensure that your articles achieve your sales goals.

5. Review Your Article Marketing Strategy Regularly

You’ll see results from your article marketing campaigns quickly. Review your progress regularly, at least once a month. Your efforts will make a difference to your bottom line within three months.

Article Marketing: 5 Easy Ways to Use Articles to Sell

Want to get more value from your article marketing? Articles can boost your profits. Here’s how to super-charge your sales by making the most of your articles.

Marketing using articles is a brilliant way to advertise. Unlike other forms of advertising, your articles will continue to sell for you for years to come. I’m still making sales from articles I created in 2001 — if I knew then what I know now, I would have devoted more effort, and created more of them over the years.

1. Create a Marketing Plan

Start by creating a marketing plan. Decide what you’re marketing, who your audience is, what your audience wants to know, and how you’ll get a response from them.

How much will you spend? Decide that, too.

You should also have a tracking method in place before you start writing, or hire someone to write for you.

2. The More Articles the Better: Quantity Counts

You’ll get the best results by spreading out your campaign over several months.

This is because the material takes time to be indexed by the search engines. Additionally, once you see which articles get the most views, you can write more articles targeting those keywords.

3. Support Your Articles With Your Email List

Got an email list? If you don’t have one yet, create one today. When you publish an article, let your list know. You should also announce your new article on the social media sites — create accounts at Twitter, Facebook, and similar sites.

4. Re-Purpose Your Articles: They’re Valuable

As we’ve said, the more articles you have the better. But don’t stop there. You can re-purpose your articles in many ways. For example, you can transform them into press releases, ebooks, reports, and white papers with minimal effort.

5. Turn Articles Into Videos to Reach a New Audience

Video sites like YouTube get millions of visitors, and you can tap into that audience by turning articles into videos. These videos don’t need to be extravaganzas. Keep them short, and to the point.

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Article Marketing: How to Use It to Build Your Business

Are you cutting down on advertising because of the slowdown? You can’t eliminate marketing entirely, so you need to find low-cost advertising solutions. Try article marketing: it’s cost-effective, and the results in increased business can be dramatic.

Here’s how to use article marketing to build your business.

1. Revamp Your Web Site for a Traffic Bonanza

Start with your Web site. Consider that the prospective customers who find you online via your articles will be responding to your resource box: the small ad at the bottom of your articles.

What site pages will you send them to? You’ll get the best results if your visitors find exactly what they need on the page you send them to, so write several resource boxes, and matching landing/ sales pages.

You should also consider setting up a mailing list, so you can capture your visitor’s contact details.

2. Who’s Your Audience? What Keywords Do They Use?

Once your site’s all set for an influx of traffic, do a little thinking, and research. Your site and business have a target audience. Make a list of the needs of your audience, and how your site and business meet those needs. Yes, I know you have all the information in your head — but get it on paper.

This information will help any writers you hire to write articles for you. Even if you’re writing the articles, clear thinking and a clear description of your audience’s needs will help you in the writing.

Research keywords. These are words which your target audience uses when they want to find you via the search engines.

3. Create Your First Article Marketing Campaign

Now you’re all set to create your first article marketing campaign.


* Which keywords and phrases you will target (one per article);

* How many articles you’ll write;

* How you’ll gauge the success/ failure of this campaign;

* Where, where and how you’ll use the articles. Make a list of article directories you’ll use.

4. One for All and All for One: Integrate Article Marketing Into Your Marketing Plan

Your first campaign is a trial. Once you’ve checked the results, you’ll need to integrate article marketing into your marketing plan.

Here’s an important tip: every article you have online brings you visibility; the results are cumulative.

Get started using article marketing to build your business today.

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