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Social Media Marketing: Pinterest Sharing Is Growing, So Use It

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You can’t be on every social media marketing channel, but if you’re not using it, consider adding Pinterest to your marketing. It’s popular among women, and is beating email as a sharing tool.

Marketing Land offers an infographic, and reports:

While sharing via email declined 11 percent year-over-year, Pinterest shares increased 58 percent, making it the fastest growing sharing channel in 2013.

Here’s why Pinterest is so popular: it’s addictive. You get onto the site, and before you know it, half an hour has passed.

How to use Pinterest for your business: three tips

Start by creating a Pinterest For Business account.

1. Make your images pin-able

If you’ve got a blog, add a social media plugin which includes Pinterest. This means that your visitors can pin your images at a click. Consider creating larger images than you usually do: 600 x 900 pixel images work well. Use Canva; it’s a free tool, and will help you to enhance your images even if you’re not a designer.

What if you’re in an industry which is short on images? Perhaps you offer a service, which doesn’t lend itself to glitzy images. That’s fine. Create some images using text. Pinterest has created rich pins, which make it easier to use Pinterest as a bookmarketing option.

2. Have fun with your boards

Create Pinterest boards with specific questions your website’s visitors have, or around a specific theme. For example, if you have an online business selling accessories, create boards for each kind of accessory, and for your designers too. Check out what major brands are doing. Keep your boards light-hearted.

Tip: pins are made for sharing, so subtly watermark your images with your logo.

3. Remember your pin descriptions: add information

Although the focus is on images, your text content is important too. Your Pinterest audience is shopping-minded, so add information to help them, such as prices. Remember – fun. If you can make your text interesting as well as useful, you’ll get more attention.

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Free Advertising, Forever: Content Equals Sales


If you’re spending $5,000 a month on advertising, think about this… you can trim your advertising budget considerably, for (almost) free.

Content marketing has always been a popular option in the online world. I first became aware of it in 2002, a decade ago. In the years since, content marketing has been my primary promotional tool for a simple reason — it’s powerful and effective.

“Content marketing” essentially means offering free content, as advertising. OK, nothing is “free”. There’s no such thing as a free lunch, and never will be. You’ll either create your “free” Web content yourself, in which case there’s a time cost, or you’ll get it created for you, which means that you’ll spend money.

Here’s why I call content marketing FREE. Advertising costs money. You pay your $5,000 and you get your advertising — for a period. That period may be as short as a single day if you’ve paid for a newspaper ad, or as long as a month if you’re paying for a magazine ad.

Your ad spend puts your ad in front of your chosen audience for a time. Once that time passes, you’re done. Want more? OK — pay more.

Here’s the thing about content marketing: it lasts. I’m still getting traffic and sales from Web content articles I wrote a year, and even FIVE years ago.

The money I spent on advertising five years ago may or may not have paid off. Here’s what’s guaranteed: there’s no way I’m getting anything now from the money I spent then.

Can you see that content marketing might be a good idea?

Ezine Articles is an article directory. Here’s what they say about articles (content marketing), Monetize Your Article Writing Efforts:

“Articles are a fabulous way to share your expertise with the world while also sending interested readers to your landing page via your Resource Box. Once on your landing page, readers become potential customers and those customers are the essential element to selling your product or service. In the end, more customers equals more money.”

Syndicating some of your content, in the form of articles, is a good content marketing strategy. However, your primary strategy should always be to post your best content on your own site and blog. The content will keep working for you for years to come.

Content marketing is an investment. Start using it. It’s as close to free advertising as you’ll get.

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Article Marketing’s Death

Is article marketing dead?

Well, sort of.

After Google’s Panda update, I’m recommending to my clients that they post their quality content on their own sites, rather than on others’.

And yes, you do have quality content to share. Don’t worry about sharing “secrets”.

As I said in this blog post, Article Marketing: Still A Great Marketing Strategy For Any Business | Angela Booth’s Creativity Factory:

“What’s so secret about your ideas, your insights, and your processes? Why not share them?

Sharing does no harm, and it’s powerfully effective.”

I’ve noticed that article directories now want “quality content” — well, duh. Don’t we all. That doesn’t mean that you should oblige them, and build someone else’s business at the expense of your own.

Yes, article marketing was once cheap, cheerful and effective; it still is, but keep your good stuff where it belongs, on your own sites.

Create a plan for your content. Decide what you’ll publish, and when. Put someone in your organization in charge of Web content. Tell them to line up subject matter experts, and drag material out of them.

Big tip: use video. Don’t worry about the video looking home-made. Home-made is good, because it’s genuine. That doesn’t mean of course that you shouldn’t use professional videos — use them too, but focus on the in-house material you create, because it helps to humanize your business.

I’ve been using article marketing for a decade, but since Panda, I’m hesitant to post material anywhere other than my own sites. Your mileage may vary. But remember, quality content has value: don’t debase that value.

Article Marketing: Still A Great Marketing Strategy For Any Business

This past week I’ve had a couple of conversations with clients about article marketing — which I love — and the topic of “business secrets” came up.

I’ve got a “what secrets?” attitude.

What’s so secret about your ideas, your insights, and your processes? Why not share them?

Sharing does no harm, and it’s powerfully effective.

I share lots of copywriting secrets in my article marketing, and it doesn’t mean that clients will suddenly decide: “Hey — it’s easy. I’ve read an article, I can do it myself!”

It takes a little more than reading an article to become an expert at anything, so sharing your business secrets doesn’t mean that you’re giving away the farm. Obviously you’re not giving away proprietary information. You’re sharing what you know, how you do things, and what works for you, and that sharing shows your competence and expertise.

It engenders trust.

As I said in this article, Article Marketing: Why Articles are Your Most Valuable Promotional Tool | Angela Booth’s Creativity Factory:

“Article marketing helps to establish trust. Write articles in your field, promote the articles on article directories, and you will become an authority in your field, if those articles are useful.

So if you’re considering article marketing as a form of promotion, don’t hesitate. It gives you a lot of bang for a small amount of time invested.

When you consider that your articles will work for you year after year, and compare this with the ephemeral nature of advertising, article marketing is a great investment of your time and energy.”

If you’re hesitant about sharing your business secrets, ask yourself what’s so secret? People do business with people they know. The more you reveal, the more you’re known.

Article marketing is a powerful strategy: use it.

How to Get Free Traffic From Articles

This article is the first in our series on how to get free traffic to your website.

Firstly, some background on article marketing.

Article marketing has been hugely effective in getting links from high-profile sites, and via those links, traffic from those sites, and from the search engines.

The original theory of article marketing went something like this. You write hundreds of articles, publish them to as many article directories as you can, often using software to do this, and then sit back and enjoy the traffic.

That worked, until it stopped working.

I’ve been using article marketing for at least a decade. Until a couple of years ago, article marketing worked as it has always done: very well indeed. Then, a couple of years ago, it stopped working quite so well. Instead of getting gushing geysers of traffic from articles, the traffic turned to a trickle. An article marketing drought set in.

Why? Because the secret’s out. Everyone, from individuals to huge “content media” companies are in on the article marketing secret, and the competition for readers is huge.

Straight article marketing is a pale shadow of what it used to be. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t use it. I still use it, and recommend it to my clients as a sure and reliable way to build links and get traffic, but nowadays, you need more than simple articles — you need an entire strategy.

That strategy may include:

* Writing (or having someone write for you) high quality articles which attract visitors to your site, and get links because of their quality;

* Sharply targeting your article marketing campaigns;

* Backing up your articles in various ways, so that they get more traffic on the directories you’ve posted them to; and

* Creating promotional campaigns to promote your articles.

If you haven’t used article marketing, I urge you to use this simple strategy: it works, you’ll just need to make a little more effort.

On the other hand, if you’re a long-time article marketer, and believe that article marketing no longer works, I encourage you to think again. Article marketing still works. It just takes a little more effort.

If you need quality articles for your article marketing campaigns, my team and I are happy to create them for you. Indeed, we’ll create campaigns which will get your links, and traffic to your site.

Article Marketing – 5 Easy Ways to Make Sales With Articles

Article marketing is one of the easiest promotional methods you’ll ever use. Not only is it essentially free, it’s a long-lasting strategy, and your articles will keep making sales for you for years to come. It’s a great investment in your business’s future.

Let’s look at five easy ways to help you to make sales with articles.

1. Know the Results You Want to Achieve

To achieve success with article marketing, you need to be clear on what you want to achieve.

Set a goal, with a deadline. This will enable you to track the success or the failure of your article marketing campaigns. You’ll find that your failures will teach you more than your successes.

2. Arouse Your Audience’s Curiosity

Thousands of articles are published online everyday. Article marketing is an inexpensive form of advertising, so it’s hugely popular. This means that you’ll need to attract your audience’s attention so that readers will choose your article, from many others.

The easiest way to do this is to arouse their curiosity with your article’s headline.

Devote as much time and energy to your headline as you do to the article itself — remember that your audience must click the headline to read your article.

3. Select the Right Keywords and Get More Traffic

What will your audience type into a search engine to find your article? The keyword tools are very useful, but so is your own knowledge. Brainstorm your own list of keywords.

Avoid keyword stuffing, and forget keyword density. The search engines are smarter now, so use your keywords naturally.

4. Create Article Marketing Campaigns

Just as one snowflake doesn’t make a blizzard, a single article is unlikely to achieve the results you want.

However, this doesn’t mean that you need to write thousands of articles. Focus on quality. Spend time on each article, and make it valuable to your readers.

Just as you wanted your readers to click on the headline and read the article, you want them to read or write to the end of your article and then click on your links in the resource box.

5. Track Your Campaigns to Achieve the Results You Want

Each campaign you create should consist of a goal, a deadline, the number of articles you intend to write, the keywords you’ll track, as well as your target URLs.

So there you have five easy ways to make sales with articles. Go ahead — write an article today.

Want to make it into Google News? Top copywriter Angela Booth offers a SEO news releases which are a great source of links and publicity for your site, product, or service at her Web copywriting site, Hot Web Copy.

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Article Marketing Strategy: Easy Profits With Articles

You’re running a business, and you’re looking for an article marketing strategy. You’ve heard that this form of advertising is not only inexpensive, but is also highly effective. Discover how you can make it work for you.

I’ve been using article marketing as a promotional tool for a decade, and although I use other forms of marketing, articles give me the best ROI (Return on Investment.) I like to set up a series of campaigns, so that I can track them, and assess their effectiveness.

Let’s look at three steps which will help you to strategize your own campaigns.

1. Ask yourself: what does your audience need to know? You’re using article marketing to achieve a specific result, so think in terms of information which would help your audience to make a decision to buy from you, or to learn more about the product you’re promoting.

For example, let’s say you’re launching a new product. Make a list of attributes and benefits of your product. You could write informational articles on each of these attributes, explaining why they’re important.

2. Create an article marketing plan, and schedule your tasks. This is essential. As with other forms of marketing, you need to track what’s working. Structure each plan into a campaign, with a specific goal.

Decide how many articles you’ll need for each campaign, and have them written, or write them yourself.

3. Track your articles: are you achieving the results you want? Tracking is essential.

Remember that the effect of your articles is cumulative, and that you’ll be able to assess the effectiveness of a campaign around a month after you’ve posted the final article to article directories.

The above three steps will help you to develop an article marketing strategy. They’ve worked well for me for years, and they’ll work for you, too.

Download top copywriter Angela Booth’s new free report now. It offers a complete article marketing strategy.

Angela has been using articles for promotions for a decade. You can discover her success secrets at her article writing blog.

Article Marketing Wisdom: How to Make the Most of Each Article You Write

Article marketing is a very powerful promotional tool. If you’ve been using this advertising method successfully, you know how effective it is. However, you may not be making the most of each article you write. Let’s look at four ways you can do this.

1. Use Your Articles to Build a Targeted and Profitable Email List

Email marketing isn’t as profitable as it once was, however having your own mailing list is vitally important no matter what business you’re in.

Use your articles to build your email list, so that you get the opportunity to promote your products and services each time you publish a new article.

You can use your already-published articles to attract subscribers to your list. Bundle up your best articles, save them as a PDF file, and offer them as a subscription bonus.

Alternatively, if you have lots of articles, use a Print on Demand service, and publish your articles as a book. This method of using your articles works particularly well if you’re operating a bricks and mortar business — give your book away to your customers. (Remember to include promotional messages.)

2. Use Your Articles on Your Own Blog

Many article marketers publish their articles to article directories, but they fail to use their articles themselves. This is an error — you should be profiting from your articles yourself for increased traffic to your website.

If you’re worried about the “duplicate content” penalty, don’t be. There is no penalty as such. You can certainly publish your articles on your own site for the search engine optimization benefits.

3. Revisit Your Articles and Update Them

Articles become stale over time. When you revisit your articles, and update them with fresh information, it has almost the same effect as writing a completely new article. You will draw more traffic to your site and you will make more sales.

4. Build Your Website’s Internal Linking Profile Through Your Articles

Articles are extremely valuable as a search engine optimization tool.

Link back from your articles to your primary site or blog. This gives the other pages on your site a rankings boost. Site visitors will stay longer too, because there’s more information.

Need copywriting help? Top copywriter Angela Booth can help you with all your advertising copy needs, including article marketing.

Angela specializes in Web copywriting, so visit her new site Hot Web Copy for information on how she can help you to increase your profits on the Web.

Article Marketing: 5 Ways to Win the Web Content War

Article marketing is a cost-effective way to promote your business online. However, there are pitfalls. Creating an articles directory on your website worked in 1999, but to achieve results these days you must integrate your articles with the rest of your Web content.

Let’s look at five ways in which you can win the Web content war.

1. Create a Web Content Strategy

Your strategy must have clearly defined goals. Decide what you want to achieve with your articles. Create tracking methods so that you can see the effect your articles are having.

Keywords are part of your strategy. Initially, focus on “long tail” keywords — these will always be phrases — because your primary aim is not to get traffic, it’s to get conversions. Whether you want sales or leads, or simply want to brand your business, in most industries competitive keywords are hard to rank for, so stick with long tail keywords, and build your search engine rankings slowly.

2. Develop a Plan to Promote Your Articles

You’ve created a strategy. You’ve commissioned articles.

Next you’ll need to create a plan to promote your articles. Yes that’s right, if you want traffic and conversions quickly you need to promote the articles which you’re using for promotion.

Therefore, aim is to get as many links to your articles as you can achieve.

Press releases come into play here. They’re an excellent way of getting traffic to your articles, so that your articles can start to work for you.

3. Quality Rules: Ensure That Your Web Content Is Worth Reading

Over the past several years, article marketing has become very popular with canny web marketers. This means that there’s a huge flood of sub-par articles.

Remember that your articles are promoting your business, therefore they’re at least as important as your other business communications. Your articles will be online for many years, and if you have a choice between buying 100 low-quality articles, and five quality articles, go for quality.

4. Remember Sales: Your Articles Are Promotions

A major pitfall in article marketing is to aim for traffic, rather than sales. Traffic to your website means nothing. You need targeted visitors who will take the actions you want them to take, once you reach your site. Ensure that your articles achieve your sales goals.

5. Review Your Article Marketing Strategy Regularly

You’ll see results from your article marketing campaigns quickly. Review your progress regularly, at least once a month. Your efforts will make a difference to your bottom line within three months.