Writing Inspiration: The Last Debutantes and The Lady

Writing inspiration from Pinterest

Looking for writing inspiration? I’m always curious about how writers find their inspirations. Here’s a wonderful article from The Lady about a writer’s inspiration:

Without even particularly thinking about my fledgling novel, applying to an advertisement in The Lady struck me as the perfect way of connecting people who might otherwise have nothing in common. People who might learn something from one another. Perhaps a wealthy, elegant 70-something who was once a 1958 debutante, and a modern-day girl-about-town who had all of the beauty but none of the refinement of an old-school debutante.

Inspiration for your writing is everywhere

My inspirations primarily come to me as images, which is why I love sites like Pinterest.

I found the images at the top of this post by searching Pinterest for “regency”. I’m writing a series of romances set in the Regency, and browsing Pinterest’s images gives me lots of inspiration.

Like Tasmina Perry, you may be inspired by exhibitions, or magazines. One of my writer friends is inspired by movies and TV. She became so inspired by the Game of Thrones series that she’s now writing her own fantasy novel.

Inspiration is everywhere. One writing student’s inspiration developed from reading her great, great grandmother’s diaries, which contained lots of recipes. She’s cooking her way through the recipes, and is researching her family at the same time.

The key to inspiration for your writing: know what you’re looking for

To become inspired, you need to be looking for inspiration.  Perhaps you’re looking for inspiration for your business, your business blog, or for a plot for a book. I’ve found it helpful to write down what I need: “I need a quick plot for a short story” or “I need inspiration for my freelance writing blog.”

Stay open to inspiration. You never know where you’ll find it.

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