New In Evernote for Mac: Natural Language Search Makes Searching Easy

New In Evernote for Mac: Natural Language Search Makes Searching Easy

Are you an Evernote user? If you use Evernote daily, all day, on all your devices as I do, you’ll love the new Natural Language Search feature.

Natural Language Search is in the latest beta of Evernote: 5.5 for Mac.

Evernote says of this new feature:

Find what you want in the most natural way ever. Search your notes by place (“Tokyo”), file contents (“Documents” or “Images”), date ranges and more. This feature is currently available in English only.

Searches to try:

“created last week”

“notes with PDFs”

“notes from Paris”


If you’ve chosen to download beta releases, and you’re on a Mac, download this latest version now.

To download betas on your Mac, go to Preferences, Software Update and check the “update to beta versions when available” box.

I tried several Natural Language Searches; they’re excellent. They save you time. If you use Evernote to track your work, you can quickly assess how much work you did on a project today, yesterday, last week, or last month.

Easy Natural Language Searches to try.

Evernote search

Track what you did this week

If you know you created a note yesterday, or sometime this week, you can enter “this week” into search. You’re offered notes you created this week. You can also choose what those notes contained: web clippings, documents, specific text, and so on.

Evernote search

Collect today’s notes

I create lots of “tables of content” notes to organize projects, so a “today” search is useful. I can collect all the notes I made for a project, and create a table of contents note, with a few clicks.

Evernote search

Find documents quickly

If you’re using Evernote to organize documents, you can quickly find specific documents you’ve added to Evernote.

Natural Language Search makes Evernote even easier to use than it already is. It’s available now, if you’re a Mac user. Give it a try.

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