Marketing: free publicity grows your business


bookspress.pngWhatever your aims for your business, news releases are the best (as well as the fastest, easiest and cheapest) way to get attention.

Even if your news release isn’t picked up by a media outline, posting them online to a PR service gets you into  Google News within a day or two.

Create a media campaign

News releases should not be a one-time deal.

Create a schedule that you can live with, and then send the releases out regularly. In my copywriting business, I have several businesses that I send out news releases for.

Their schedules vary, from once a month, to once every six weeks. These are large companies which do a lot of advertising, but they realize that news releases give them a benefit which money can’t buy: editorial in the media gives them credibility as well as free publicity.

You can send out releases on a monthly, or quarterly schedule. Create a schedule that works for you.

Good luck with your news releases. They will build your business faster than any other tool.

TIP: don’t forget to create a Media section of your Web site to which you can add your releases. Not only does this give journalists a fast overview of your business, it also offers search engine benefits, and helps your prospective customers to understand your business.

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Author: Angela Booth

Copywriter Angela Booth's clients tell her she performs "word magic." Whether she's writing advertising materials, Web content, or ghostwriting for her clients, she's committed to helping them to achieve results, fast. Author of one of the first books about online business, Making The Internet Work For Your Business, Angela's written many business books which have been published by major publishers. She's an enthusiastic self-publisher and writing teacher.