Twitter’s New Embedded Timelines Widget: Keep Your Customers Updated Automatically

Twitter Timeline

Are you using Twitter’s new embedded timelines widgets on your sites? In the image above, you can see my @angee Twitter account timeline on my site.

On this page, Embedded Timelines | Twitter Developers, Twitter tells you about the timelines widget:

“Available Timelines

You can embed a timeline for Tweets from an individual user, a user’s favorites, Twitter lists, or any search query or hashtag.


You may create an embedded timeline for any public Twitter user. The example posted above is the public user timeline for @twitterapi. Each user timeline includes a follow button in the header, allowing website visitors to follow the account with one-click. There’s a Tweet box in the footer, enabling visitors to Tweet directly to the user without leaving the page.”

The embedded timelines widgets are interactive. This means that your customers can respond to you directly, and can follow you.

Ideas you can try

* Embed the timeline widget for any user account to a webpage. You’ll keep your customers updated directly on the page. They can follow links, follow you, and can communicate directly with you;

* Create hashtag widgets. You can use any term you like as a hashtag. So, if you have a product you’re promoting, or are running a special deal, create a hashtag for it — viz #todaysdeal. Then, create a widget for it, and post the widget on your website.

You need to tell Twitter the domains on which you’ll be posting a widget. (You can have up to six domains per widget.)

* Create list widgets. If you’ve got a Twitter list, chances are most of your customers aren’t aware of it. Create a list widget, and embed it on your site.

Faster, simpler, easier communication

Twitter’s nifty new widgets make it easier to communicate with your customers, because you can simply tweet, rather than updating a webpage.

Get started — create an embedded timeline widget now, and post it on our site. These widgets make it much easier to update your customers. Get creative. I’m sure you’ll think of lots of ways to use them.

Author: Angela Booth

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